George Clooney’s Antigenocide Paparazzi: Introducing Speaker Jonathan Hutson to Suits and Spooks 2 Conference

Suits and Spooks 2 anti-conference: Shaping a Revolution in Security Affairs is pleased to announce that Jonathan Hutson, Director of Communications of the Enough/Satellite Sentinel Project will be one of the key speakers at the upcoming conference at the Waterview Conference Center on February 8, 2012. - December 07, 2011

Suits and Spooks 2: Shaping a Revolution in Security Affairs to be Held in February 2012 by Taia Global

The next edition of the Suits and Spooks Anti-conference - Suits and Spooks 2: Shaping a Revolution in Security Affairs - will draw together a diverse set of innovators and disruptive thinkers in Washington, D.C. on February 8, 2012 at the Waterview Conference Center, to tackle the problem of an information security system in free-fall. - December 03, 2011

Confronting the Unseen Enemy: Jeffrey Carr to Moderate Cybersecurity Event at MIT/Stanford’s VLAB

Taia Global Inc. CEO and author of “Inside Cyber Warfare,” Jeffrey Carr, will serve as the moderator at the upcoming “Protecting Against the Unseen Enemy” event hosted by the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab (VLAB) at Stanford Graduate School of Business on November 15, 2011. In... - November 03, 2011

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