Confronting the Unseen Enemy: Jeffrey Carr to Moderate Cybersecurity Event at MIT/Stanford’s VLAB

McLean, VA, November 03, 2011 --( Taia Global Inc. CEO and author of “Inside Cyber Warfare,” Jeffrey Carr, will serve as the moderator at the upcoming “Protecting Against the Unseen Enemy” event hosted by the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab (VLAB) at Stanford Graduate School of Business on November 15, 2011.

In the changing world of information security, the very real threat of cyber attack is escalating every day. Even with numerous protective security layers many high profile organizations have already become victims, the list includes Sony, Google, HBGary, RSA, and many others that were unprepared to anticipate, mitigate, or counter strategic risks posed by malicious attackers. Launching into a new era of safeguarding individuals’ and organizations’ critical secrets, an un-tapped stream of social media technologies such as mobile devices and cloud computing await new malicious threats and need robust and resilient security postures to counter those threats.

Bridging the gap between where the threat of cyber attack is now and will highly likely reach in the future, Jeffrey Carr, as the discussion’s moderator, will be offering the same level of insight and expertise that he provides to protect and secure the interests his Global 2000 clients at Taia Global on a daily basis. He will moderate a lively discussion featuring other industry experts and entrepreneurs from across the cyber security community poised to address where cyber opportunities are today and what nimble cyber security organizations are currently doing to protect and secure tomorrow’s world.

Jeffrey Carr is CEO of Taia Global Inc., a cyber security organization that delivers agile, innovative, and strategic solutions aimed to defend organizations’ most critical assets, both human and digital, from being compromised.

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