Advantage Ad Agency Software and AnchorOps Announce Partnership on Media Reconciliation and Ad Agency Process Audits

This unique partnership is an industry software and services collaboration event that will allow ad agencies to maximize existing platform investments, increase workflow efficiencies and streamline ad agency operations. - June 03, 2012

Personalized Ad Agency Software Empowers Users to Customize the Experience

Advantage blue and Webvantage blue ad agency software from The Advantage Software Company feature social media-familiar personalization options for a more streamlined user experience. - April 29, 2012

Ad Agency Accounting & Finance Software Mimics Everyday Reporting and Tracking Needs

Advantage blue and Webvantage blue agency software deliver agency accounting and finance department’s powerful software-based tools for a clearer and focused financial picture. - April 21, 2012

Ad Agency Account Services Team Members Showcased in Blue Spotlight

Ad agency account services team members are discovering new software tools within Advantage blue and Webvantage blue that empowers the team with incredible collaboration and communication features never seen before. - April 15, 2012

New Ad Agency Software Features Personalize & Brand Desktop Workspaces

Webvantage blue and Advantage blue from The Advantage Software Company are new and powerful ad agency software that are packed with user features like self-branding and customizing workspace views. - April 08, 2012

Ad Agency Software Developer Introduces Automated Project Management Routines

The Advantage Software Company has released a web-based version of the latest ad agency software called Webvantage blue that includes capabilities for project management process automation. - March 31, 2012

Advertising Agency Management Software Features New User Experience & Functionality Enhancements

Advantage blue and Webvantage blue advertising agency software from The Advantage Software Company include some exciting user experience and software functionality improvements directly from user feedback. - March 22, 2012

Ad Agency Software Business Management Program with Enhanced User Experiences

The brand new release of Advantage blue and Webvantage blue includes many outstanding design and functionality features that focus on improved consistency and usability. - February 26, 2012

Ad Agency Business Management & Project Management Software Developed by 600+ Agencies

The new release of Advantage blue and Webvantage blue ad agency software is developed by the feedback from more than 600 agencies and Advantage users. - February 17, 2012

Ad Agency Management & Business Project Management Software is blue

Advantage blue and Webvantage blue agency and business management software is now available through general release to agencies and businesses across the country. - February 12, 2012

Ad Agency Project Management Software Release Changes Agency Business

The Advantage Software Company announced today that project management for agencies will dramatically change with the release of Advantage blue and its robust project and resource management capabilities. “One of the more dramatic changes in how agencies will collaborate and manage projects... - January 11, 2012

Ad Agency Software Developer Releases Revolutionary Industry Software

The Advantage Software Company announces the release of a major software update called “blue”. “Blue is the culmination of the past two years of a major software foundation update,” said Advantage Software Company President Ellen Coulter. “The new features of blue bring incredible control, organization and collaboration tools to our advertising agency and marketing firm customers that have not been seen before." - December 10, 2011

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