UFC fighter Alessio Sakara, Talks about His Next Fight in England

Alessio Sakara will be fighting in what could be his last chance at UFC glory. This incredible striker, has had a bit of rough luck in his last two outings. Many American fans do not know, the circumstances which cut short his potential wins. Today you can find out, more about the man who goes by the nick name "Legionarius". - March 30, 2007

Are the Big Sponsors Buying into Mixed Martial Arts?

Where are all the big sponsor names in MMA today? If you watch any major pay per view event these days, you will notice that other sports have larger brand name sponsors. With the UFC posting over 220 million in pay per view buys last year, why are the most exciting atheletes getting paid peanuts. Maybe this is only a very temporary situation after all. This sport is gaining explosive popularity, soon the big brands are gonna come knocking. - March 24, 2007

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