Are the Big Sponsors Buying into Mixed Martial Arts?

Where are all the big sponsor names in MMA today? If you watch any major pay per view event these days, you will notice that other sports have larger brand name sponsors. With the UFC posting over 220 million in pay per view buys last year, why are the most exciting atheletes getting paid peanuts. Maybe this is only a very temporary situation after all. This sport is gaining explosive popularity, soon the big brands are gonna come knocking.

Pleasanton, CA, March 24, 2007 --( Ask any fighter what they make, for sponsorship these days. You will hear anything from a couple hundred dollars, up to 10k or more. Many of these warriors have to fend for themselves, asking local car dearlships or pool cleaning companys for a few bucks.

The other half of the problem, is figuring out who is interested. is trying to raise the standard. They will use proper marketing & presentations, to show potential sponsors what they can expect for their money. Smaller sponsors are probably not expecting, the phone to ring off the hook from their contribution. This big brands may be expecting this as well, probably because it is too easy to go with the standard pro sports.

The thing that most potential investors are not seeing, is the astronomical growth of the fan base. This is due to more venues being aired on regular TV, and reruns of martial arts reality shows. As fans learn the sport, the more interested they become. Soon weekends are locked in front of the tube, waiting for the next big fight.

Today popular fighters can be seen on magazine covers, and even in Hollywood movies. It is ironic that a big time commerical agent, told not to bother. This all knowing individual, will probably change their tune at some point in 2007. is currently building a pool of fighters, who are open for sponsorship agreements. Several are big names in the industry, and will be appearing on some of the biggest MMA events ever. If your company is looking to get massive exposure at an affordable price, then is a great place to start.

Len Dempsey