UFC fighter Alessio Sakara, Talks about His Next Fight in England

Alessio Sakara will be fighting in what could be his last chance at UFC glory. This incredible striker, has had a bit of rough luck in his last two outings. Many American fans do not know, the circumstances which cut short his potential wins. Today you can find out, more about the man who goes by the nick name "Legionarius".

Pleasanton, CA, March 30, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Alessio Sakara is an enigma to many American Fans. Sakara is a national hero, in the fight world of Italy. Look around the world of mixed martial arts, and you will see he is the only person representing Rome in the UFC.

Fight Sponsor asked him about his last loss in the UFC, it looked as though he was dominating until he fell out suddenly. Alessio told Fight Sponsor that he was not acclimated to Las Vegas, he left Rome at the last minute. It is becoming more widely known amongst fighters, to arrive at least a week early before their fight. Many fighters believe, every hour of flight requires arriving that many days sooner.

Alessio had some major battles under his belt, before arriving in the UFC an unknown. He has fought a couple of much bigger oponents, to very close decisions. These would include Roman Zentsov of Bodog fight, and Assuerio Silva who is a heavy weight in the UFC.

It is clear that this man show signs of incredible potential, he plans on showing us some fireworks at UFC 70 in England. This will be one of the largest watched MMA events in history, and will be aired on Spike TV this April 21 for free.


Fight Sponsor: Good evening Alessio, thanks for meeting with us for this interview. We would like to know how your training is going for your next fight in UFC 70?

Alessio: My workouts are going great. It is less than a month away, and I'm in top shape already. My new team has been giving their all, and were doing big things for this next fight. I want to thank my teachers Ricardo De LaRiva & Moacir Boca Oliveira. I also want to thank my Jiu Jitsu & MMA trainers Dezeo & Julio. To top it all off, I thank Edoardo Ferinho. Training with this team is awesome, because I get to train with seven top fighters. This training has helped me reach new levels of performance.

Fight Sponsor: What is the formal name of the team you are fighting under in England?

Alessio: I have always had the Sakara Team assist me in my combat career, and they all belong to Team De La Riva e Boca Jiu Jitsu.

Fight Sponsor: I understand you are living in Miami. What is it like experiencing a new city, in a far away land from home?

Alessio: I live close to Miami Beach, I'm actually in Coconut Grove. This is such a beautiful place. I have met some incredible people. They were really interested in my athletic career, so they decided to help me. I want to thank Robert the owner of Berries, who makes sure I never go hungry.

Fight Sponsor: What was it like growing up in Italy?

Alessio: I love Italy, Rome, and my home in Pomezia. At 15 I started traveling all around the world, now I love to go back and visit my friends and family.

Fight Sponsor: What got you into mixed martial arts?

Alessio: When I was young, I used to box for my teacher Silvano Falloni (who still trains me when I fight in Italy). Since the boxing federation did not pay so well, I lived a pretty irregular lifestyle. One day my dear friend Marco DePaola, showed me a tape of UFC 5. Suddenly I understood my destiny. I knew I would have to make changes in my life, and dedicate myself to this sport. My only other choices would be nothing to be proud of (laughs).

Fight Sponsor: How popular is the sport of MMA in Italy?

Alessio: Italian MMA is always growing, this year I am trying to work with some friends to create an MMA federation. I will eventually put on a big event twice a year, hoping to help the sport grow in Italy. My cousins Marco, Sandro, and Liberati, offered me the chance to teach MMA in Body Fight gym of Rome. I will travel back every once in a while, and be assisted by my teacher Gianfranco Delli Paoli in order to train new athletes in Valetudo.

Fight Sponsor: Where do you think the world of MMA will be in the next five years?

Alessio: Five years from now, MMA will be at the same level or better than boxing was at their peak. We will have to see.

Fight Sponsor: What is the story behind all your tattoos?

Alessio: My tattoos are the story. They are about the pride, strength, and valor that it took to build the incredible empire of Rome. I am proud of my heritage, and show people about where I come from

Fight Sponsor: Your next fight is against Victor Valimaki, what do you predict the outcome will be?

Alessio: I am not a wizard, or have a crystal ball to see the future. I do know I am in great shape, and will do my best to win.

Fight Sponsor: What would you like us to tell all of your American fans?

Alessio: I didn’t even realize I had any American fans, until tons of email started pouring into my mailbox. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, and I will do my best not to let you down. Please make sure to watch my next fight on April 21 in England.

For more information go to www.AlessioSakara.com or www.fightsponsor.com .

Len Dempsey