Sitacise is Helping America Head Off Diabetes' Disabilities

Sitacise Save America DVD will help Americans to beat the effects of diabetes before they beat you. And it’s easy to do. - July 12, 2012

Does Exercise Affect Our Youth's Mental Health? Doing Sitacise Helps to Improve Youths Physical and Mental Health

Can exercise be used as an additional tool to aid in the prevention of mental illness in our youth? Especially when treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? - July 02, 2012

First Lady Michele Obama Gave Her Views About Gardening, Healthy Eating and Exercising On “The View” But is She Seeing the Whole Picture? Asked Sitacise's Kathy & Mark

"Exercise and Nutrition play as much of a role in a child's success in school as almost anything. Imagine a kid with ADD that has to sit in a class with no break," the First Lady continued. - May 31, 2012

The Best Things in Life Are Free and Sitacise is Launching a New Initiative to Partner with Companies to Offer New Prospects Free Fitness Products for Them

When Ohioans Called The Kim Renee Davis Nationwide Insurance Agency They Were Able to Get a Great Free Health Surprise Gift; Sitacise Will Let the Rest of America Participate - May 09, 2012

Older Americans Month Finds Seniors Searching for Safe and Effective Ways to Regain Lost Muscle Tone & Fitness

Finding ways to get older Americans fit and healthy is easier with this booklet that includes movements and exercises that can be done at home and are easy and fun. - May 05, 2012

National High Blood Pressure Education Month Finds Americans Searching for Ways to Control It

Finding ways to get Americans to lower their blood pressure is easier with this booklet that includes movements and exercises that can be done anywhere and at anytime. - May 05, 2012

March is DVT Awareness Month: What Happened to Heavy D, David Bloom, Serena Williams and, Cathleen Renner Can Happen to You. Sitacise Can Prevent DVT.

According to the Coalition to Prevent DVT, over 2 million Americans get DVT or deep vein thrombosis, which are blood clots usually in the deep veins of the thighs or calves every year like Heavy D, David Bloom, Serena & Cathleen. And just like Heavy D, David & Cathleen 300,000 of them die from this very preventable disease. During DVT Awareness Month, Sitacise is on a mission to educate students, teachers, call center workers, truck drivers, bus drivers and others that idly sit. - March 12, 2012

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