Michael Franti Interviewed on ARTplus About His Power to the Peaceful Music Festival

Musician Michael Franti talks to ARTplus about his upcoming Power to the Peaceful Music Festival. This is a Free festival and will be held on Saturday, September 6, 2008 at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, from 11 am - 5 pm. - August 30, 2008

Celebrated Anglo-Irish Painter, John Kingerlee's Interview with ART+ on KDRT

ART+ on KDRT interviewed the well known Anglo-Irish painter John Kingerlee about his remarkable and fascinating art. This radio show included discussions about Mr. Kingerlee's art and his current US exhibits. These spirited discussions were led by the well known art curators and artists: John Natsoulas and Dominique Nahas and by the landscape painter, Melissa Chandon. - December 22, 2007

Former FCC Commissioner Gloria Tristani Interviewed on KDRT

Gloria Tristani, a former member of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and an internationally respected media reform advocate, is interviewed on ART+ on KDRT about Low Power FM and Media Reform. - December 17, 2007

ART+ Interviews Folk Legend, Utah Phillips, About His Latest Albums and His Upcoming Tour

In this interview Utah Phillips, the golden voice of the great South West, talked about his latest albums, I've Got To Know and Starlight on The Rail, which are distributed by Daemon Records. Starlight on the Rail contains 63 of Utah's best know songs. - December 17, 2007

ART+ on KDRT Interviews Indigo Girls About Their Support of Low Power FM and Their Latest Album

Autumn Labbe-Renault, Executive Director of Davis Media Access interviewed Indigo Girls' Amy Ray on ART+ about their latest album, Despite our Differences, and Indigo Girls support of Lower Power FM. - December 17, 2007

Celebrating Finnish Composer Einojuhani Rautavaara's Birthday on ART+

Mr. Einojuhani Rautavaara's birthday celebration on ART+ on KDRT included interviews with conductors Mr. Vladimir Ashkenazy and Mr. Leif Segerstam (Helsinki Philharmonic) as well as pianist Lauara Mikkola and Karvonen Films. - December 17, 2007

Celebrating The King of Egyptian Music, Mohamed Mounir: An Interview with ART+

ART+ interviewed the King of Egyptian Music, Mr. Mohamed Mounir. The interview is a celebration of Mr. Mounir's 25 year singing career and highlights why Mr. Mounir's songs are so popular in the Middle East. This ART+ show is on iTunes and Podcast Alley and is on www.artplusradio.org This interview shows why Newspapers say 'when you visit Egypt: Drink the Water of the Nile, Visit the Pyramids and Listen to Mohamed Mounir. - December 16, 2007

podcast Art+ Interviews Los Lobos About Their Latest Album The Town and The City

Louie Peres from Los Lobos talked to ART+ about their latest album The Town and The City. Louie also talked about Los Lobos' upcoming album for children which will include children songs from Latin America. - July 20, 2007

ART+ Podcast: Preservation Hall Jazz Band Releases Made in New Orleans, a Commemorative CD Set

Preservation Hall’s new box CD ‘Made in New Orleans’ is actually all made in New Orleans. It includes historical treasures about Preservation Hall and Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The new CD will be available on line at the band’s web site http://www.preservationhall.com... - July 02, 2007

ART+ Podcast: Landscape Painting with John Natsoulas, Melissa Chandon and Philippe Gandiol

ART+ interviewd artists Melissa Chandon, Philippe Gandiol as well as John Natsoulas whose gallery organized the Sacramento Valley Landscape Conference to be held July 21, 2007 and features famous painter Greg Kondos - June 23, 2007

'Egyptian Landscapes,' 'Woven by Hand,' 'Tapestries from Egypt' - 3 Books Celebrating 50 Years of Art and Life at the RWW Art Center

ART+ podcast an interview commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the world famous Ramses Wissa Wassef (RWW) Art Center in Egypt. The podcast includes a discussion of half a century of art and life at the Art Center by Lady Hilary Weir and Barbara Heller, who are trustees of the RWW Exhibition Trust in London and Suzan Wissa Wassef and Ikram Nosshi who run the RWW Art Center in Cairo. - May 06, 2007

ART+ Interviews Dr. David D. Burns, MD about Curing Depression without Medication

ART+ interviewed Dr. David D. Burns the well known author and psychiatrist about the new hi-speed techniques in psychotherapy that are designed to speed up recovery from anxiety and depression, without medication. Dr. David Burns talked about the art of Feeling Good, explained Cognitive Therapy tools and how Cognitive Therapy can help us change the brain and overcome anxiety and depression without medication. - May 04, 2007

London Tapestry Exhibit and Book 'Egyptian Landscapes' Celebrate 50th Anninversary of Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Center

The ART+ podcast includes a discussion of half a century of art and life at the RWW Art Center. The guests interviewed for the podcast included Lady Hilary Weir and Barbara Heller, who are trustees of the RWW Exhibition Trust in London and Suzan Wissa Wassef and Ikram Nosshi who run the RWW Art Center in Cairo. - May 03, 2007

ART+ Interviewed Shemekia Copeland about her Album Soul Truth

Shemekia Copeland talked to ART+ about her album Soul Truth and her mentor Ruth Brown, the great blues singer. Shemekia also talked about growing up in Harlem, about why she sings the blues. - May 03, 2007

Aga Khan Architecture Award Winning Art Center Celebrates Its 50th Anniversay in Egypt

The Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Center received the prestigious Aga Khan Architecture Award in 1983. It is world famous for its hand made, museum quality tapestries. The Art Center began its 50th Anniversay celebrations in 2006 with a Tapestry Exhibit in London and the publication of 'Egyptian Landscapes' which describes the Art Center's architectural developments over the past 50 years. - May 02, 2007

ART+ Podcast about the Largest Ceramic Conference in America to be Held in Davis, CA from April 27-29, 2007

Artists John Natsoulas, Donna Billick and Professor Diane Ullman talked to ART+ about about the upcoming 18th annual California Conference for Advancement of Ceramic Art - CCACA which will be held in Davis, CA from April 27-29, 2007. - April 22, 2007

ART+ Interviewed the Well Known Japanese Film Director, Ryuichi Hiroki, about His Film

ART+ interviewed the well known Japanese film director, Ryuichi Hiroki, about his film It's Only Talk. The film deals with depression and loneliness in a new way, which is very gentle and understanding. The film, It's Only Talk, made a connection with audiences around the world because many people ... - April 08, 2007

Art+ Interviews Hossam Ramzy about His Latest Album Bedouin Tribal Dance

ART+ talked to Hossam Ramzy, the pecussionist and the 'Sultan of Swing' who worked with Led Zeppelin about his new album Bedouin Tribal Dance and about the new DVDs he will release in the summer of 2007. - April 08, 2007

ART+ Interviews Delfeayo Marsalis about His New Album Minions Dominion

ART+ talks with Delfeayo Marsalis, the highly acclaimed trombonist and Grammy Award-winning producer and musician about his new album Minions Dominion. - April 08, 2007

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