E.B. Tool Company Warns Builders of Heat Risks and Other Dangers

E.B. Tool Company urges building contractors and the DIY handyman to consider the risks associated with construction or home improvement projects, including heat related risks of summer temperatures.

Gays Mills, WI, September 01, 2013 --(PR.com)-- As summer temperatures linger, E.B. Tool Company urges the builder or household handyman to note the risks of working in heat. High temperatures present significant danger of many heat related conditions, including heat cramps, fainting, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

To reduce the chances of these conditions:
· Consider performing the most strenuous work during the coolest hours of the day: early morning or late evening

· Take regular breaks in a cool location

· Drink plenty of fluids, averaging a cup of water every 15 minutes

· Dress appropriately for the weather. Light colored, lightweight and moisture-wicking fabrics are best for the heat, as is a shading hat.

· Avoid working in enclosed spaces, like a garage or shed

· Always have the proper tools for DIY projects to avoid excessive physical work

Consider the Additional Risks Associated with Building Projects

Heat is not the only danger facing the average DIY handyman. Other risks include:
· Heights: When a project requires workers to leave the safety of the ground, falls are always a possibility. E.B. Tool Company suggests the use of quality scaffolding, ladders and protective safety equipment whenever a building or DIY project requires work to leave the ground.

· Debris: Splinters, screws, and metal shavings are a necessary by-product of many projects. E.B. Tool Company strongly suggests the use of protective eyewear and heavy shoes when working on a building site.

· Dust inhalation: Working with wood and other building materials in an enclosed space can present inhalation dangers. Dust, rust debris and other microscopic materials can cause significant damage to lungs and throat tissue. E.B. Tool Company recommends wearing protective masks whenever working with materials in an enclosed space.

· Repetitive strain: Performing the same action over and over again can lead to strain on the muscles involved. If your project requires repetitive tasks, such as nail or screw removal, it is important to have the proper tools for home improvement. For example, the KwickGripper screw and nail remover tool from E.B. Tool Company reduces strain on users, allowing you to remove countless fasteners without excess fatigue or soreness.

Whenever working on a building or DIY handyman project, E.B. Tool Company urges workers to consider the risks of the project, and to employ the necessary safety strategies to mitigate those risks.

To learn more about E.B. Tool Company’s innovative, multi-use products and dedication to building the best household tools, visit them online at www.ebtoolcompany.com.

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