WebAsyst Products Now Support Unicode

WebAsyst LLC has added Unicode (UTF-8) support to provide multilingual environment in all WebAsyst services. - September 05, 2007

WebAsyst LLC Improves Files Web Service with AJAX Technology

WebAsyst LLC has redesigned WebAsyst™ Files to utilize the latest AJAX technology and to include files posting feature, further enhancing the powerful WebAsyst Files functionality. - August 17, 2007

WebAsyst Announces Launch of Photo Depot, Their Newest Product

WebAsyst LLC launches Photo Depot™, the newest addition to the family of WebAsyst™ applications. Photo Depot is a web-based tool that offers users all necessary functionality for creating, organizing, and maintaining photo albums online. - June 20, 2007

WebAsyst Launches Widgets

WebAsyst LLC announces the launch of WebAsyst widgets, a powerful addition to its online collaboration software functionality. This new release marks the company’s continuing leadership in what is called Web 2.0, the newest generation of web platform applications. With this upgrade WebAsyst... - May 19, 2007

WebAsyst LLC Offers Free Hosted Accounts

WebAsyst LLC introduces a new and a powerful service for customers - free hosted accounts for their popular software Suite™. The company has always offered 30-day free trial accounts; now, customers will be able to create free accounts that never expire. These free accounts have some... - December 27, 2006

WebAsyst Announces a Special Christmas Offer

WebAsyst LLC announces a Special Christmas Offer for purchases of all the company’s products. - December 06, 2006

WebAsyst Announces New CSS Interface

WebAsyst LLC announces a major upgrade affecting all applications of WebAsyst Suite, which will now have redesigned user interface that is 100% CSS-based plus a new “Look & Feel” option to choose. - November 21, 2006

WebAsyst Announces New Enhancements to its Project Manager™ Software

WebAsyst LLC adds a new capability to its Project Manager™ application - assigning variable access rights to users and user groups for every individual project. This provides customers greater flexibility in project management, increasing efficiency and performance. - September 06, 2006

WebAsyst Announces New Enhancements for User Account Management

WebAsyst LLC adds a new capability for creating and maintaining user accounts, giving greater flexibility in managing user accounts while preserving the powerful Contact Manager™ functionality. - September 01, 2006

Time Limited 15% Discount Offer on Shop-Script Premium

WebAsyst LLC Offers 15% Discount On Shop-Script Premium Software. - August 24, 2006

WebAsyst Offers Contact Manager License for Free

WebAsyst LLC offers a free license to its popular Contact Manager application that has become the core of the WebAsyst Suite, transforming the suite of applications into a contact-centric model. - June 19, 2006

Mail Master Becomes the Newest Member of WebAsyst Suite

WebAsyst LLC releases new addition to WebAsyst Suite – WebAsyst Mail Master application which simplifies creating and sending permission-based email newsletters and announcements to customers, subscribers, team members and prospects. - June 14, 2006

Contact Manager is Now the Core of WebAsyst for Complete Collaboration

WebAsyst LLC announces a major restructuring and upgrade to WebAsyst™ Suite significantly enhancing user and contact management capabilities of WebAsyst software. Contact Manager application is now included in the WebAsyst core. - June 08, 2006

Buy Shop-Script Software till May 31st and Save 10%

WebAsyst LLC offers 10% discount on all Shop-Script commercial products and introduces Google analytics integration with Shop-Script Premium. - May 13, 2006

Sell Safely with Shop-Script Software

WebAsyst LLC publishes enhanced versions of Shop-Script PRO and Shop-Script Premium shopping carts with advanced security measures that should provide your shopping cart with higher level of protection. - May 11, 2006

Take Control Over Your Storage Space with New Features in WebAsyst Document Depot Upgrade

WebAsyst LLC adds User Quotas and two useful enhancements to the Send Email and Version Control functions of the file management application, allowing users have even more control over their storage space and customize Sender Name and Email properties for all outgoing email messages. - May 07, 2006

WebAsyst Suite Allows SMS Messaging

WebAsyst LLC adds SMS messaging feature to Contact Manager application of WebAsyst Suite, ensuring immediate attention and fastest reaction possible on the part of addressee. - April 21, 2006

WebAsyst Website is Hacker Safe

WebAsyst LLC subscribes to security certification services provided by ScanAlert. The Hacker Safe banner now present at www.webasyst.net guarantees customers’ safety when purchasing the company’s open source applications or paying for hosting solutions. - March 31, 2006

Publication Easier with Features in WebAsyst Quick Pages Upgrade

WebAsyst LLC releases upgraded Quick Pages - application of WebAsyst Suite providing facilities to easily update websites and create HTML books. - March 23, 2006

Bigger and Better Shop-Script, Shopping Cart Software

Open Source PHP ecommerce solutions Shop-Script PREMIUM and Shop-Script PRO by WebAyst LLC grow more and more powerful with each update. New features provide for multiple installations of the same module (payment and/or shipping), real-time shipping quotes with UPS and USPS, improved newsletter subscribers management, restriction of minimal order amount and SMS notifications (Shop-Script PREMIUM only). - February 14, 2006

When You Get Serious About Performance-Enhancement Aspect, You Turn to Webasyst

Have you yet visualized how UP-TO-DATE WEB-BASED SOFTWARE tools should work? Whatever your answer, WebAsyst has a distinct solution to this question. WebAsyst prides itself on the fact that its team of professionals known as WebAsyst LLC has long been developing first-class Software which has... - July 06, 2005

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