New Data Shows That 96% of Patients Using Espere Healthcare's DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing See a Reduction in Itch in Just 4 Weeks

Sales of DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing have increased dramatically following the publication of a Patien Orientated Eczema Management (POEM) study. POEM Score sheets sent in by a group of 52 DermaSilk purchasers show just how well this therapeutic clothing controls the symptoms of eczema with eczema severity, as measured by POEM decreasing 79% from 17.85 to 3.73 in 4 weeks. Itch symptoms were reduced in 96% of patients. - March 09, 2010

UK Adult Eczema Patients to Benefit from DermaSilk Prescription Changes

Many of the adult sizes of the successful DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing Range become prescribable by the UK National Health Service from August 1st 2009. This will offer relief for Britain's long suffering adult Eczema patients. - August 01, 2009

Re-Evaluation of Clinical Data Shows DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing to be as Effective as 7 Days Treatment with Topical Corticosteroid

A study first published in 2006 has been reviewed by Espere Healthcare. The findings for the first 7 days of the study where topical mometasone, a corticosteroid cream, was used daily clearly demonstrates that DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing is as effective as the mometasone in reducing the symptoms of eczema over 7 days. - April 16, 2009

Espere Healthcare's Dermasilk Therapeutic Clothing to Help Reduce Costs of Treating Increased Eczema Levels in England

With actual eczema consultations growing rapidly over recent years it is important to ensure that treatment is effective and value for money. DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing is fulfilling these criteria. - April 02, 2009

DermaSilk Heel-Less Socks Now Available on Prescription in the United Kingdom

The National Health Service has approved DermaSilk Heel-Less socks for the management of gravitational eczema and as an aid to the use of compression Hosiery. - October 01, 2008

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