New Disposable Respirator Mask Can Kill Bacteria and Viruses

Advanced Innovations Northwest (AINW) LLC announces a patent pending new type of N95 disposable respirator mask that can kill most bacteria and some viruses, including tuberculosis and H1N type viruses. This new respirator mask incorporates layers of a tested breathable anti-microbial and anti-viral metallic coated fiber into the mask gauze. - April 17, 2013

Revolutionary Spherical Kinetic Electrical Generator

Advanced Innovations Northwest (AINW) LLC, Kirkand, Washington, announces a revolutionary patent pending spherical kinetic renewable energy generator, which produces twice the electrical power of similarly sized linear kinetic electrical generators. - April 16, 2013

Gravity Explained in New Physics Theory

Physicists since Newton have been unable to explain where gravity comes from and what gravity actually is in its essence. Now a new physics theory elegantly explains gravity not as a universal force, but as a universal effect, and is being used by Kirkland, Washington AINW LLC to develop a macroscopic communications system. - April 01, 2013

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