Revolutionary Spherical Kinetic Electrical Generator

Advanced Innovations Northwest (AINW) LLC, Kirkand, Washington, announces a revolutionary patent pending spherical kinetic renewable energy generator, which produces twice the electrical power of similarly sized linear kinetic electrical generators.

Kirkland, WA, April 16, 2013 --( Advanced Innovations Northwest (AINW) LLC announces that its patent pending renewable energy spherical kinetic electrical generator is now being optimized by the Electricity Research Centre, University College, Dublin (UCD), Ireland. This new type of kinetic generator has been under development for almost three years, and successfully outperforms conventional linear electrical kinetic generators configured for the same magnet gauss strength, gauge and type of wire, and number of wire wraps. It does so by generating twice as much electrical power output when subjected to the same forces due to the generator's unique spherical design, which allows the internal rotor to produce more lines of magnetic flux, because it harvests force vectors from up to 360 degrees, whereas linear kinetic generators cannot do so.

UCD will optimize the wiring scheme for AINW's spherical kinetic generator using powerful computer simulations, since there is currently no extant research on wiring a spherical electrical generator. The spherical kinetic generator design is simple, robust, and has only one moving part.

AINW's goal is to penetrate the growing multi-billion dollar low power sensor market by offering a rugged, simple, and inexpensive 24/7 power source for sensors in autos, ships, planes, trucks, oil and gas industry equipment, and vibrating industrial machinery that is also both environmental friendly and renewable.
Richard M. Dickson