New Disposable Respirator Mask Can Kill Bacteria and Viruses

Advanced Innovations Northwest (AINW) LLC announces a patent pending new type of N95 disposable respirator mask that can kill most bacteria and some viruses, including tuberculosis and H1N type viruses. This new respirator mask incorporates layers of a tested breathable anti-microbial and anti-viral metallic coated fiber into the mask gauze.

Kirkland, WA, April 17, 2013 --( AINW LLC, a Kirkland, Washington intellectual property development firm announces a breakthrough new type of patent pending disposable N95 respirator mask, which incorporates a breathable and proven anti-microbial and anti-viral metallic coated fiber into the inner layers of the mask's cotton or polyester gauze. This inexpensive metallic coated fiber material has undergone extensive testing by microbiologists, whose test results have been summarized in peer-reviewed journals. The tests show that the metallic fiber material can kill all types of bacteria, including even flesh-eating bacteria, and even some dangerous viruses, such as tuberculosis and H1N, within a short period of contact.

This breathable metallic fiber material disrupts the electro-chemistry of bacteria and virus cells, and eventually ruptures their cellular membranes. Since the metallic fiber material acts chemically to destroy bacteria and some viruses, there is no chance for generational immunity, as the bacteria and viruses die and do not pass on any resistance to the material to future bacteria and virus generations. It is forever effective.

AINW LLC hopes to interest an investor in manufacturing the inexpensive, disposable masks in China for improved protection of the population in areas vulnerable to outbreaks of airborne diseases, such as tuberculosis and even H1N. Secondary markets would be major large cities in the USA and Europe.
Richard M. Dickson