Coca Cola Sails Inflatable Billboard Boat Along Beaches

Coca-Cola's campaign “Change the World With A Smile” is popping up on floating billboards along beaches, reaching swimmers, sunbathers, boaters and coastal crowds. - March 16, 2012

SAB Miller Beer Floats Record 72' Billboard

Cervecia Nacional brand, Atlas Beer, has launched a 2000 square foot floating billboard on the seas of Panama Bay. The inflatable billboard branding, supplied by Panama Portable Billboards and designed by bbi Displays, promotes the "El Sabor Por Mi Gente" campaign. - February 05, 2012

CA Department of Boating Launches Floating Billboards to Promote Waterway Pollution Awareness

The California Department of Boating and Waterways has employed an alternative advertising solution to reach boaters. Its pollution awareness campaign is now featured on floating inflatable billboards in Southern California marinas and waterways. - September 01, 2011

BBI Displays Innovative Billboards Float on Panama Canal for Nissan Motors

New innovative beach advertising displays recently made their debut in Panama. The initial campaign featured Nissan Motors' out-of-home billboard advertisements floating on the Panama Canal. - July 03, 2011

bbi Displays Launches Amphibious Beach Billboards in South America

bbi Display's amphibious billboards provide advertisers with a unique ambient medium to reach the massive crowds at beaches. The floating billboards, operated in over 60 countries, are making their first appearances along numerous South America beaches and coastlines. - April 07, 2011

BBI Billboards Float on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for Red Bull Flugtag

Innovative floating billboards were featured along the coasts of Miami and Los Angeles to promote the Red Bull Flugtag series. The unique informative billboards coupled with custom props successfully captured the attention of beach crowds and coastal audiences near the event location. On event day, there were over 100,000 spectators at the Long Beach event, marking the largest attendance of any Flugtag event. - September 30, 2010

Amphibious Billboards to Debut Along the New Jersey Shore

The most versatile and mobile mode of advertisement on the east coast comes to the Jersey Shore this weekend. - June 13, 2010

Amphibious Billboard Floats and Spins on the World’s Largest Indoor Lake

Amphibious billboards, created by bbi Display Systems and locally operated in Ontario by Tynk Outdoor, floated on Ricoh Lake at the Toronto Boat Show featuring Bombardier. - February 28, 2010

BBI Inflatable Billboards Float on Water for Foster’s Carlton Dry Beer

BBI's patented advertising technology, billboard boats, made their Western Australia debut. The amphibious floating billboards were towed along Perth shores by a boat and appeared for the first time in the city for a Carlton Dry campaign. - January 10, 2010

Amphibious Beach Billboards Reach Africa Shores

Outdoor advertising companies, bbi Displays and Luzo Media, join forces to introduce floating billboards in Nigeria. - September 30, 2009

Boaters Finding New Ways to Earn Money

Recreational and commercial boaters have discovered a new method to enjoy their vessel and earn a living at the same time. With the use of bbi Display’s marine products, boaters are establishing successful business ventures on the water in locations worldwide. - August 20, 2009

California Department of Boating, BBI Displays Launch Ocean Pollution Public Service Announcement

The California Department of Boating and Waterways has teamed up with nontraditional advertising company, BBI Display Systems, to promote responsible boating initiatives. A floating billboard message will be appearing in popular Southern California boater locations throughout the summer. - July 08, 2009

Amphibious Inflatable Billboards Now Available in Canada

bbi Displays and Tynk Outdoor have joined forces to introduce floating Billboards in Toronto. - May 17, 2009

bbi Inflatable Displays Opens 1st Office in Africa; Amphibious Inflatable Billboards Make Debut in South Africa

A new out of home advertising medium, amphibious inflatable billboards, was recently introduced in South Africa. The unique inflatable signs have proven to be highly effective marketing tools in numerous global locations and are quickly gaining interest in Africa after their first appearance on the continent. - March 12, 2009

LCS Launches Large Format Floating Billboards in New Zealand

bbi Display’s amphibious billboards, a new nontraditional outdoor advertising format, make their first appearance in the New Zealand market. - November 27, 2008

bbi Display Systems Releases 3rd Quarter Report, Announces Record Growth

Amphibious sign distributor, bbi Display Systems, reports a record 3rd quarter attributed to international expansion, strategic national partnerships, and exposure of the patented billboards in new global markets. - November 15, 2008

bbi Inflatable Display Systems Announces Exclusive Media Sales Partnership with TrashTalkFCM

bbi Inflatable Display Systems (bbi) announced today that it has chosen TrashTalkFCM (TTFCM), one of the country’s leading nontraditional marketing companies, to manage its media sales and campaign execution efforts. - September 11, 2008

Amphibious Billboards Make Debut in South Korea

bbi Displays' patented billboard products make their first on-water appearance in South Korea. - July 31, 2008

Caribbean Inflatable Billboards Sets World Record for Largest Airtight Amphibious Billboard

Caribbean Inflatable Billboards (CIB) established a new record for “World’s Largest Airtight Amphibious Billboard.” The record setting, portable billboard measures 72 feet long by 18 feet high. - April 04, 2008

Caribbean Inflatable Billboards Acquires Exclusive Rights in the Caribbean Region to Distribute bbi Displays’ Patented Amphibious and Portable Billboard Structures

Caribbean Inflatable Billboards (C.I.B.) has reached an agreement with bbi Display Systems to become the exclusive distributor of bbi’s patented portable water and land billboard structures in over 20 countries in the Caribbean region. - December 10, 2007

bbi Displays Mobile Billboards on Water Debut at Several Coastal Locations

bbi Displays new mobile form of advertising on water is now offered by recently established operations in Ocean City, Maryland; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Stuart, Florida; San Diego, California and Los Angeles, California. - July 24, 2007

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