The Newly Introduced Curl Fiber Patch Cables by FiberStore

FiberStore recently enables the customizability for curl fiber patch cable in many cable parameters like length, cable jackets, connector types, etc. The newly launched curl fiber patch cable will cater for customers'demand for stretchable and movable fiber optic connections. - February 23, 2014

FiberStore Offers JDSU MTS-X OTDR Series for Effective Fiber Network Troubleshooting

FiberStore added the field-scalable test platform JDSU MTS-X OTDR series to its extensive OTDR Tester line for fast deployment and effective fiber optic network troubleshooting. - January 24, 2014

FiberStore Introduces FS-OEO800 Optical Transport Platform Line

FiberStore introduces comprehensive optical transport platform, FS-OEO800 series, which provide clear fault location for management and maintenance as well as be cost-effective for maintenance. - January 10, 2014

FiberStore Adds 3G HD Digital Video SFP Transceivers

FiberStore recently added 3G HD digital video SFP transceivers for transmitting SDI, HD-SDI, or DVB digital video component signal over single mode fiber with 50Mbps to 3Gbps rate. - December 14, 2013

FiberStore Provide Complete Fiber Terminal Box Product Lines

FiberStore newly added the fiber optic splitter SPCC terminal boxes to its fiber terminal box product line. This company now is providing a relatively complete range of fiber terminal box groups. - November 29, 2013

FiberStore Releases Tactical Fiber Optic Cable for Military & Harsh Environment Applications

FiberStore newly launched high performance tactical fiber optic cables assemblies for military and harsh environment applications. - November 15, 2013

FiberStore Ships Hundred Thousands MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator

FiberStore annouces to have shipped hundreds thousands of MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator globally over the last year. - November 08, 2013

FiberStore Intros High Performance Dispersion Compensation Modules for DWDM Transport Solution

Advanced optical components designer and manufacturer, FiberStore announces the low-loss dispersion compensation modules FS-DCM-XXX for simple, reliable, and cost-effective DWDM transport solution. - November 01, 2013

FiberStore Expands Its Cable Tracing Portfolio with Underground Cable Locator NF-816

FiberStore announced to have expended the network cable locators Portfolio with underground tracer wire NF-816, with an effective tracking range up to 3 feet deep and 1000 feet in length. - October 25, 2013

FiberStore Intros AFL Fujikura Once-Click Cleaner 2.5mm and 1.25mm

FiberStore introduces its fiber connector portfolios by adding the AFL fujikura one click cleaners 1.25mm, LC, MU and 2.5mm SC, ST, FC. which are ideal for data center technicians. - October 11, 2013

FiberStore Provides MTP Fiber Optic Plug and Play Solution

FiberStore introduces new MTP fiber optic plug and play solution for applications that call for higher through-put that standard fiber technology cannot handle. - September 27, 2013

FiberStore Introduces the FS-600A-V 400x Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System

FiberStore instroduces family of fiber optic connector inspection system FS-600A-V is a powerful, easy-to-use alternative to existing inspection solutions. - September 19, 2013

FiberStore Introduces New Low Smoke Zero Halogen Fiber Optic Cables

FiberStore launches the new families of LSZH cables which is complies with both domestic and international safety regulations and cater for different installations needs. - September 12, 2013

FiberStore Introduces New 10G OM3 Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Distribution Cables

FiberStore introduces the new 10G OM3 Indoor/Outdoor plenum distribution cables, which are ideal for networking in ducts, risers, and air handing spaces where small size, lightweight, and versatile installation capacity are required. - August 22, 2013

FiberStore Announces to Have Launched the 50G Hz DWDM XFP

FiberStore announces the launch of 50G Hz DWDM XFP 40/80 small factor 10Gb/s transceivers which is now available at - August 14, 2013

FiberStore Newly Launched the Next Generation 200G DWDM Mux Demux

FiberStore newly launched 200G DWDM mux demux modules with upgrade ports, complying with the 200G PON evolution in the near future. - August 10, 2013

FiberStore Offers the Newest Fujikura Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer FSM-80S

FiberStore announced the availability of new single fiber core alignment fusion splicer FSM-80S with enhanced features of quality, fast and easiest core-aligning. - August 08, 2013

FiberStore Added New B2B Section for Easily Selecting and Customizing Fiber Optic Solutions

FiberStore recently announced they have added a new B2B section on their website,, which will further facilitate customers to select and customize fiber optic solutions quickly and easily. - August 01, 2013

FiberStore Unveils MiniSAS SFFP-8088 Cables

The FiberStore MiniSAS SFFP-8088 to SFFP-8088 cables are advertised as ideal for dependable, reliable, and cost effective 6 Gb/s storage configurations for networks, servers, workstations and desktops. - July 28, 2013

FiberStore Added Family of RS232 to Ethernet Converters to Its Product Lineup

FiberStore added a family of RS232 to Ethernet converters to its product lineup, all of which is available for export now. - July 26, 2013

FiberStore Offers Leading Mass Fiber Automatic Blade Rotation Cleavers Sumitomo FC-6S and FC-6RM-C

FiberStore has introduced the leading mass fiber automatic blade rotation cleaves Sumitomo FC-60S and FC-6RM-C for high efficiency FTTx terminations. - July 21, 2013

Sumitomo Introduces Quantum V Groove Fusion Splicer with Industry First Advancements

Sumitomo Electic Ligthware recently announced the introduction of the Quantum Type-Q101-VS V-Groove Fusion splicer, which incorporates several industry-only advanced features. - July 20, 2013

FiberStore Unveiled the New 40 Channel DWDM EDFA Optical Amplifier

FiberStore annouced the availibility of the new DWDM EDFA optical amplier which features high power excellent gain flatness and low noise figure. - July 18, 2013

FiberStore Announces Availability of New Optical Return Loss Tester JW3307B

FiberStore announced the launch of a new return loss tester series JW3307B with enhanced features of high accuracy, compact appearance, stable and reliable test index, etc. - July 10, 2013

FiberStore Launched 120G CXP Optical Interconnect Products

FiberStore unvieled the latest active optical cable technology 120G CXP with CXP-SR10 transceiver modules. The new 20G CXP Optical supports up to 126Gb/s bandwidth and can transmit up to 300 meters. - June 20, 2013

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