Scand Announced a New Plugin for Outlook- Outlook4Gmail, Which Can Easily Sync Contacts and Calendars Between Outlook, Google, and Android

Scand Ltd. has released a new version of Outlook4Gmail 4.1.8 – a smart Outlook add-in that provides easy synchronization of your Outlook and Gmail accounts. - October 11, 2013

Scand Presents New Software - Custom Document Management System

This system is designed to enhance communication and increase productivity of commercial companies. - August 28, 2013

Scand Ltd. Presents a System for Sports Competitions Management Online

Scand developed a software system for collecting live scores and its processing in order to provide this information for users on-line. - August 18, 2013

Smart Education Software by Scand Ltd.

Scand accomplished a new development - a powerful presentation software for interactive screens (interactive whiteboard). - July 16, 2013

Digital Signage Software by Scand Ltd.

Scand developed advanced digital signage solution which can display multilevel promotional media on an LCD screen using a lightweight PC with Linux on board and which supports a wide range of document formats. - July 11, 2013

Adware by Scand ltd.

Scand developed web-based ad management software, which includes integration with multidimensional data warehouse and provides comprehensive data processing with reporting. - July 07, 2013

Scand Developed SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite

Scand Ltd. has released a new version SVG Kit 2.0.2 for Adobe Creative Suite – a set of plug-ins, which provide direct support of SVG images for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. - July 06, 2013

Mobile DMS Client by Scand Ltd.

Scand ltd. developed a mobile client application software for a customer's Document Management System (DMS). - July 01, 2013

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