Digital Signage Software by Scand Ltd.

Scand developed advanced digital signage solution which can display multilevel promotional media on an LCD screen using a lightweight PC with Linux on board and which supports a wide range of document formats.

Minsk, Belarus, July 11, 2013 --( System has the following

-OpenOffice API was used to create an extended system with support of different promotional data input formats;-Client utility has a minimal set of functions, that allows to use cheaper clients' PC, since all calculations are done on server side implemented in PHP;-System is able to operate without access to the Internet for a long time, using previously downloaded materials and a special command file.

Key Features
-Minimized traffic between server and client's PC to which advertising screens are connected;- Player app is written in C++, that allows to minimize workload and use cheaper computers;
-Scand lightweight PHP-MVC framework was used on server side;-User interface is designed in a simple and easy to use way;-The system provides the ability of fine-tuning.

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About Scand Ltd.

SCAND was founded in 2000 in Minsk, Belarus. The company is primarily focusing on software application development and product development using cutting-edge .NET, Java, PHP, C++ technologies. During these 12 years of history more than 300 projects have been developed and successfully implemented for dozens of customers worldwide in such industries as energy, e-commerce, banking, advertising, printing, production management, architecture and engineering. Today over 200 employees successfully work in the company.
Anastassia Yazubets