BarricadeMX Eliminates the Need for Spam Quarantines

Washington, DC, April 15, 2009 --( Unless you really enjoy looking for the nuggets of mislabeled email in you spam quarantine folders, you should have your IT department test BarricadeMX, the latest in anti-spam software from Fort Systems Ltd. Spam quarantines are now a "thing of the past". BarricadeMX uses a new and different approach to detecting spam which eliminates the need for quarantining "possible" spam or dangerous attachments for later review and release by the recipients and system administrators.

"Spam quarantines only waste valuable time, delay important messages and create the opportunity for losing email", says Steve Swaney, President of Fort Systems Ltd. "and they are now unnecessary and obsolete."

This is made possible because BarricadeMX anti-spam software is able to determine that a message contains spam or viruses while the message is being transmitted and then telling the sending mail server that it will not accept the email and the reason for the rejection. When this happens the sending server is obligated by the rules governing the transmission of email on the Internet to inform the sender of the message that the email has been rejected by the intended recipients email server. This message Delivery Status Notification (DSN), or Non-Delivery Report/Receipt (NDR) is typically delivered to the sender within minutes of the time the message is rejected.

Once a message is accepted for delivery then later scanned and determined to be unwanted or dangerous, it cannot be bounced because the only link to the sender is the return address contained in the message. This return address is always forged if the message is malware. Only by rejecting the messages before telling the sending mail server it was "accepted", can you be sure that a "real" sender should be notified that the message was not delivered. A very complete explanation of how a DSN or NDR message differs from a "bounce" message may be found at

With BarricadeMX, only two things can happen to an email:

* The message is delivered to the intended recipient

* The message is returned to the sender's email server with a notification that the message was not delivered, the reason why the message was not delivered and a link to URL that will enable a valid sender to re-send the message and get it past the anti-spam filters. Messages containing viruses will always be rejected, even if resent.

The recipient's email administrators can also be informed that there is a problem with a message delivery, the identity of sender who is having the problem and what steps can be taken to solve the delivery problem. With all other anti-spam systems, tracking a lost message is reactive, time consuming process which requires advanced email administration skills.

If you want to save time and money while improving your chance of receiving all of your email, contact to arrange for a free, no-obligation test of BarricadeMX, the spam filter that delivers the mail.

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