It’s Official: Certainly Has Character

During the past month, has experienced an increase in visitor numbers that have been described as “crazy to say the least”. Danny Hile, Manager of claims this is the direct result of providing an avatar, which is an animated character, in this case named... - June 05, 2008 Buys Asian Domain

Website owner, Danny Hile has given no clues to date that would indicate the future direction of, in light of some recent changes. The recent purchase of may hint that Hile plans to launch a new, wider reaching version of Speculation is rife about... - May 10, 2008

Virtually the Best Customer Service at

It appears as though the days of scrolling through countless pages of answers to the “frequently asked questions” on websites could be gone. Visitors to the new site will notice a friendly new character by the name of Nicole. Nicole will direct visitors to the help page... - May 08, 2008

Million Dollar Babies and Biz Bid’s Hamburger Budget

Biz Bid was started on a shoestring budget in July 2007. Biz Bid was Australia’s first business to business auction marketspace. Competitors who have millions of dollars at their disposal for advertising currently dominate Australia’s online auction industry. Danny Hile is the current... - December 05, 2007

Podcasting Opens Up a World of Opportunity for Manager, Danny Hile, has begun podcasting how to articles for those wishing to conduct business online. A podcast is simply a recording, similar to a radio show. Users can download podcasts free and listen on their computer or mp3 player. - November 07, 2007 Pushes Ahead with New Escrow Service

Danny Hile, Manager of says the firm has introduced new practices to the site’s management early this week. Changes, Danny claims will see the re-shaping of the entire online auction industry in the near future. - October 02, 2007 Breaks with Convention in the Online Auction Market

It doesn’t take long to work out is no ordinary auction website. In place of 50,000 categories that competitors brag about, has only hundreds, targeted specifically towards the Australian business-to-business market. has launched a new offer to cater... - September 09, 2007

Online Fraudsters Shown the Door at has recently changed its processes as part of an effort to toughen up its stance regarding online security. One such measure is the development of a new registration process. Manager, Danny Hile, claims toughening up registration will prevent potential fraudulent use of... - August 31, 2007

Australian First from

In what is believed to be an Aussie first, is an online auction site targeted to meet the needs of the Australian business-to-business marketplace. Users can buy, sell, swap and auction products in unique business-to-business categories. - August 01, 2007

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