It’s Official: Certainly Has Character

Sydney, Australia, June 05, 2008 --( During the past month, has experienced an increase in visitor numbers that have been described as “crazy to say the least”. Danny Hile, Manager of claims this is the direct result of providing an avatar, which is an animated character, in this case named Nicole. Nicole provides answers to frequently asked questions, saving users hours of sorting through typed documents.

Danny has measured this month’s results with a “Traffic Facts” account. Analysis of “Traffic Facts” allows BizBid to analyse the number of unique visitors, their origin, pages visited and time spent on

Visitor numbers have increased moderately as a result of BizBid’s previous marketing efforts. An avatar was introduced to BizBid users in May 2008. May proved to be a record for BizBid, with a unique visitor increase of 252% over April figures. Users also spent longer on the site, with a 343% increase in people who spent between 11 and 25 minutes visiting.

Danny is excited by the surge in visitor numbers and believes now he needs to steer users through the registration process. “We think our visitors are growing fond of Nicole’s personality”, says Danny, “To tell the truth, we are kind of getting used to having her around as well!”

Danny Hile
Mobile +61402096087