StorDigital HDD Cloners Make Hard Disk Drive Management Simple

System Builders and IT Managers save time and money - New from StorDigital, the HD Clone Station hard drive duplicator delivers fast and effective duplication and cleansing of multiple hard drives. - October 16, 2011

StorDigital DupaLIVE – A New Modular Recording, Duplication & Data Extraction System for Blu-Ray, DVD, CD and USB

DupaLIVE is a network ready, multiple target duplicator range that supports the live recording and printing of DVD, CD & Blu-Ray discs. DupaLIVE features an embedded PC that supports and controls a host of advanced functions not available on a standard duplication tower. - July 31, 2009

StorDigital LinkTower - the Expandable Duplicator ~ Control 100s of Duplication Towers from One Single Source

A fast scalable, DVD/CD Duplication solution providing music studios, video production houses, and archival departments speed and flexibility. - April 19, 2009

New from StorDigital the DP50 DVD/CD Printer Offers Out-of-the-Box Automated Printing for In-House CD and DVD Production

Fast, Economical and Automatic CD and DVD Printing StorDigital’s DP50 Disc Printer is Easy to Use and Reliable - September 08, 2007

Rapid Turnaround on CD and DVD Production - Copy Credits Create Capacity to Handle Overflow

New from, a leading UK CD and DVD duplication and technology firm are Copy Credits – an enhanced service level agreement that combines hardware purchases with bureau style production services supporting overflow and covering downtime. Copy Credits represents the perfect complimentary service for customers of CD-writers hardware solutions. - May 20, 2007

StorDigital DVPal Compact Portable Digital Storage Solution for Photo, Video and Data

The DVpal is a lightweight and compact solution for the backup of information from card media formats used in cameras, phones and digital AV players. - November 14, 2005

New Security Features Added to Stordigital Tower DVD/CD Duplication Systems

In line with customer requirements StorDigital Systems have added password protection and removable hard drives to their tower DVD/CD duplicators. - October 10, 2005

New Website Launched Focusing on News and Developments from the Blu-Ray Disc Association

“ is a new, independent website featuring the latest news, information and developments from the Blu-RayDisc Association” - August 30, 2005

BAXTER Brings Automatic MP3/WMA Ripping, PC Back Up, CD/DVD Duplication and More to the Desktop

”MFDigital’s BAXTER, the New Desktop ‘Assistant” available now from, defines New Multi-Function Product Segment in the Duplication System Industry” - August 16, 2005

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