StorDigital LinkTower - the Expandable Duplicator ~ Control 100s of Duplication Towers from One Single Source

A fast scalable, DVD/CD Duplication solution providing music studios, video production houses, and archival departments speed and flexibility.

London, United Kingdom, April 19, 2009 --( StorDigital Systems, the nation’s leading manufacturer of CD and DVD duplicators and printers, is proud to introduce the new LinkTower X10D range of expandable duplicators. Based on StorDigital’s best selling tower duplication technology the LinkTower offers the opportunity to connect up to 100 tower duplicators together, all operated from a single source.

The StorDigital LinkTower makes investing in a DVD or CD duplication solution more cost effective than ever. By offering the opportunity to expand the duplicator customer can be sure they are investing in the a solution that can aid and sustain their growing business. Since the duplicator modules can be used individually or connected to operate from one source, the requirement for additional manpower is significantly reduced. This ensures reduced initial capital expenditure and effective control over the cost of expansion.

Experienced duplication professionals know that the path to the greatest profit is scalability and flexibility. Only by being able to rapidly meet the fluctuating demands of a seasonal market can you have the confidence to quote on large or fast turn around production jobs. StorDigital LinkTower offers you the potential to upscale your production facility quickly and easily via their seamless X10D expandable duplicator technology.

StorDigital Systems Engineer, David Caunce had this to say, "The LinkTower is a natural progression for our tower duplicator range. A single tower duplicator might meet your production requirements today, but what about a year from now. The StorDigital LinkTower is an affordable solution that addresses many of our customer concerns re expandability. It makes it easy to step up production and throughput without increasing your labour bill."

LinkTower Duplicators can work in both standalone and link mode, meaning that that 10 devices can be quickly configured to produce 10 independent jobs of 100 or one large run of 1400. Because the LinkTower uses the same advanced duplication technology as found in the StorDigital Premium range of duplicators you can expect to get perfect DVD and CD copies on time every time. With StorDigital’s LinkTower you have unlimited production power at your finger tips.

StorDigital X10D LinkTower duplicators are available to buy now from Ltd and StorDigital Systems on 0208 293 0777. Call now to register for your reseller account and start selling the UK's favourite range of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Duplicators.

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