VIBCO Vibrators Introduces New "XL BERTHA" DC-5000 Dumpbody Truck Vibrator

The new VIBCO XL Bertha™ DC-5000 vibrator is ideal for use on the tri-axle “coal bucket” style dump trucks typically used to haul fly ash and coal. It is also ideal for use on large dump trucks and trailers, or when hauling particularly stubborn or sticky material. With 5000 lbs of force, the VIBCO “XL Bertha” is the most powerful dumpbody vibrator on the market. - May 05, 2010

Edward Huff, Multimedia Director for VIBCO Vibrators, Has Photograph Selected for Inclusion in Prestigious Underground Construction Association Calendar

Edward Huff’s photo at the Eastside Access Project has been selected to be in the Underground Construction Association Calendar. Ed is the multimedia director at Vibco and is really enjoying what he does. - January 23, 2010

Karl Wadensten, President of VIBCO Vibrators, Featured Guest on KBZNZ Business Genies

Karl Wadensten, President of VIBCO Vibrators, was the featured guest on KBZNZ’s Business Genies (, hosted by Max Gregorich, on Friday, January 15, 2010 at 3:00pm (eastern). A podcast of the show is available at As... - January 22, 2010

VIBCO Vibrators is Named as a Winner of the Managing Automation 2009 Progressive Manufacturing 100 Awards

VIBCO Vibrators' "lean revolution" earns it a place among this year's Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award winners. Some of VIBCO's key accomplishments include dramatic improvements in on-time delivery, productivity, quality and inventory management. VIBCO will be among those honored at the awards gala on June 11, 2009 in Sarasota, FL. - May 15, 2009

VIBCO Vibrators Introduces Virtual Van Visits for Installation & Technical Support

VIBCO Vibrators introduces a new Virtual Van Visit program to provide customers with improved installation and technical support assistance. The Virtual Van Visits are designed to quickly and clearly show customers the how to install a VIBCO vibrator for their unique application and are offered free of charge. - May 27, 2008

VIBCO Vibrators Helps ReadyMix Batch Plants Operate More Efficiently, Produce Consistent Batches

VIBCO Vibrators provides ReadyMix batch plants with pneumatic piston vibrators to increase the efficiency of material flow, helping to produce more consistent batches and reduce production and operational delays. - May 10, 2008

VIBCO Vibrators Eliminate Clogging, Production Downtime at Cheese Manufacturer

VIBCO BVS-190 Silent Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators vibrate hopper discharge chutes and walls to keep cheese flowing. - April 18, 2008

VIBCO Vibrators Extends Customer Service Hours

VIBCO Vibrators expands its customer service hours. Live customer service agents are now available from 7:30am - 8:00 eastern standard time, Monday through Friday. - March 28, 2008

VIBCO External Concrete Form Vibrators Ensure Excellent Quality & Finish

A large precast concrete company uses VIBCO SVRL-6500 High Frequency Pneumatic Vibrators to vibrate bridge form sections to ensure that the finished product had superior concrete strength and quality. - March 27, 2008

Wood Shavings Manufacturer Uses VIBCO Vibrators to Solve Bridging Problem

Wood shavings manufacturer uses VIBCO DC-1600 vibrators on spreader truck to solve bridging problem and speed deliveries by 66%. - March 14, 2008

VIBCO Revolutionizes the Production of Vibrating Tables to Dramatically Reduce Lead Times

Vibrating tables are often critical components of production and product testing systems but typically have long lead times. VIBCO has revolutionized the production of its vibrating tables and reduced lead times by more than 70%. - February 06, 2008

VIBCO Vibrators Quietly & Effectively Improve Concrete Screed Process

A VIBCO VS-510 Silent Pneumatic Vibrator replaces the original vibrator supplied with a vibrating screed to produce superior results and eliminate blemishes. - January 25, 2008

VIBCO External Concrete Vibrators Solve Rebar Problem on Bridge Repair Job

VIBCO Vibrators provided external vibrators for a concrete bridge repair project where internal vibrators could not be used effectively due to the amount and configuration of rebar. VIBCO Vibrators application engineers received an urgent call from an equipment distributor whose customer had... - December 19, 2007

VIBCO Vibrators Wins PBN Business Excellence Award

VIBCO Vibrators will be awarded a Business Excellence Award from the Providence Business News at the 7th Annual Business Excellence Awards dinner to be held on Thursday, November 29. VIBCO Vibrators is the winner in the “Under 100 Employees” category. VIBCO joins a prestigious group of... - November 29, 2007

VIBCO Launches a New and Improved Bulldog DC-500 Concrete Pump Vibrator

The Bulldog DC-500 Concrete Pump Vibrator has been redesigned with a completely smooth surface to eliminate concrete buildup and features an O-ring seal for exceptional waterproofing. Double-walled construction and heavy bolts protect the vibrator internals - even in the toughest applications. And the VIBCO Bulldog DC-500 easily replaces competitive models at half the price. - November 16, 2007

Need to Reduce Workplace Noise Levels? Start with Your Vibrators.

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a significant, prevalent, and expensive industrial disease. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, about 30,000,000 US workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise in the workplace each year. VIBCO Vibrators manufactures a complete line of Silent Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators that will help to reduce workplace noise. - November 07, 2007

VIBCO Announces a New, Non-Corrosive Electric Vibrator for the Plating Industry

The VIBCO CE-60 is the latest offering in VIBCO's new line of durable, injection-molded plastic housed vibrators. This housing was developed as an alternative to expensive steel and cast-iron housings that can become corroded when exposed to plating chemicals and other corrosive materials. - September 20, 2007

Low Cost Paper Jogger Aids Newspaper Insertion Profitability, Improves Ergonomics

VIBCO Vibrators announces the release of the PJT-100 Flat-Deck Paper Jogger. The VIBCO PJT-100 features the full performance of expensive competitive models but without the high price, decreasing the equipment and labor costs associated with the newspaper and direct mail insertion process. - September 12, 2007

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