VIBCO External Concrete Vibrators Solve Rebar Problem on Bridge Repair Job

Wyoming, RI, December 19, 2007 --( VIBCO Vibrators provided external vibrators for a concrete bridge repair project where internal vibrators could not be used effectively due to the amount and configuration of rebar.

VIBCO Vibrators application engineers received an urgent call from an equipment distributor whose customer had encountered a problem on a concrete bridge repair job. The customer was preparing to pour concrete and realized that internal vibrators were not going to be able to effectively consolidate the concrete due to the amount and configuration of rebar. The customer was working on a tight schedule and needed a fast and effective solution.

VIBCO Vibrators application engineers recommended VIBCO US-1600 High Frequency Electric vibrators with the appropriate concrete form clamps. The engineers also reviewed the customer’s drawings and provided the correct placement and operation time of vibrators to ensure proper consolidation and a smooth finish. The vibrators were shipped directly to the jobsite via next-day delivery. The result was an efficiently completed, on schedule, on budget concrete pour with excellent consolidation and finish.

The VIBCO US-1600 features 9,000 VPM, single phase operation, produces 1,600 lbs of force, and operates at just 85 dB on A-Scale at 1 meter.

VIBCO offers free, 24 hour per day expert vibration support for sizing, selection and placement of external concrete form vibrators. Fee-based on-site consultation and engineering support is also available.

Founded in 1962, VIBCO Vibrators designs, manufacturers and markets a comprehensive range of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic vibrators for construction and industrial use. VIBCO Vibrators also designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of vibratory plate compactors and rollers. The company is headquartered in Wyoming, RI, USA.

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