Novel Breakout Products from Redhot International’s Invention Warehouse

Redhot International was incorporated in the USA in 2010 with the objective of introducing new, imaginative, and innovative marketing ideas to the public, and they have done exceptionally well. The basic concept behind Redhot International is to look out for innovatively designed products which... - October 16, 2014

Ignite Elite Featured Product in Hot Breath Magazine

The flameless, USB rechargeable lighter appeared in the November/December issue of Hot Breath Magazine as a featured product. - March 01, 2014

Ignite Lighters Showcases New Child Safety Lock Available on the Elite Model

redhot international™ announces the new safety lock now available from Ignite Lighters. Premiered on the Ignite Elite model, the simple switch, when closed, prevents the lighter from creating a heat source. For some consumers this is an important feature and Ignite Lighters is happy to offer... - February 23, 2014

redhot international™ Close to Filling US Sales Grid for Ignite Lighters

redhot international™’s executives announce they are close to completing their national sales force for the United States. - February 15, 2014

Rolly Brush Goes Viral and Online Sales Soar

Rolly Brush sales surge to a paramount level with over 100,000 orders placed online in just four days. - February 14, 2014

Mr. White Family 6-Pack Draws Huge Retail Interest

Sales executives at redhot international™ are elated with the interest in the Mr. White Family 6-Pack from big box retailers across the US. The Mr. White dental line comes to the US from Italy, riding a huge wave of success in 2013 across Europe. The star product, the Family 6-Pack, features... - January 25, 2014

redhot international™ Signs Partnership with Two Key Industry Heavyweights

With early 2014 numbers already breaking sales records, redhot international™ enters into two major distribution partnerships with AATAC and the Evan Group. AATAC services over 80,000 convenience stores across the United States. “They began distributing information about our lighters... - January 18, 2014

redhot international™ Completes Registration with C&S Wholesale Grocers

There is no limit to the reach that redhot international™ is establishing for its premier products. This week, redhot international™ announces its partnership with C&S Wholesale Grocers, the nation’s largest grocery and related outlet distributor. C&S has twenty-two... - January 15, 2014

redhot international(TM) Sets Focus on Ignite Lighters, Rolly Brush and Mr. White for 2014

With soaring sales at the close of 2013, the redhot international™ board of directors has chosen to focus on their three star products for 2014. Leading the charge into the new year for redhot are key players Ignite Lighters, the flameless, rechargeable USB lighter; Rolly Brush, the... - January 08, 2014

redhot international™ Launches Talking POS Displays for Retail

This week redhot international™ continues to lead the way in cutting-edge marketing techniques with the release of interactive talking card point of sale displays. This latest concept, designed by redhot’s chief innovators, is changing the landscape of consumer interface and product... - December 13, 2013

redhot international™ Becomes US Distributor for Ignite Lighters

This week, Ignite Lighters named redhot international™ the exclusive US distributor of their revolutionary new products. - November 24, 2013

redhot international™ Shares Success with Community in "Big Cat" Style

The Humane Society of Sarasota opened three all new cat rooms this week thanks to the generous funding from redhot international™. The new rooms feature bright colors, big windows and plenty of space for cats young and old to explore and play while awaiting adoption. "This is just... - November 09, 2013

redhot international™ Introduces New All-Star Team

After another blockbuster, record-breaking week, redhot international™ is pleased to welcome new all-star additions to their sales organization. - November 03, 2013

redhot international™ and Rolly Brush Reach Out to a World in Need

redhot international™ announced today they have signed a contract with Bright Smiles Foundation, a 5013c non-profit that donates dental supplies to aid disaster areas and charities around the world. redhot international™ introduced Bright Smiles Foundation to the Rolly Brush as an... - October 05, 2013

redhot international Secures Distribution for Mr. White Dental Line

redhot internationalTM's CEO David Branch announced they have secured distribution rights to the Mr. White dental line including all 22 products. Mr. White launched earlier this year and has already hit sales of over $100 million in Europe. The dental care line contains top quality standard... - September 29, 2013

Rolly Brush Releases New Flavor, Whitener and "Taste with a Punch!"

Last week, redhot internationalTM’s executives returned from meetings at the Rolly Brush compound, headquartered in Parma, Italy, teaming with positive news and a plethora of samples of the new Rolly Flavors. Samples unveiled at the meetings include the enhanced mint flavor, 7 times stronger... - September 29, 2013

redhot international Secures Rights to Middle East and Africa

CEO David Branch of redhot internationalTM announced today they have entered into an agreement with Rolly Brush to be the exclusive distributor for the Middle East and Africa. "We have significant customers in those markets that wanted distribution rights to the region so we got it... - September 29, 2013

Rolly Brush Sales Soar in North America

The ground swell has begun with redhot international, the exclusive North American distributor of the world’s smallest toothbrush, experiencing a rapid increase in sales across the continent. Rolly Brush sales grew over 1000% the first week of September 2013. redhot international has taken... - September 14, 2013

redhot international Attracts Premier Sales Talent

redhot international announces the addition of three top sales professionals to their rapidly growing organization. - September 08, 2013

redhot international Becomes Registered Vendor with the US Military

redhot international is showcasing the world’s smallest toothbrush, the Rolly Brush, to all branches of the US Military as a necessity for all military personnel. - September 07, 2013

redhot international Becomes Registered Bealls Vendor

Leading the charge to Bealls store shelves are the official Deadliest Catch Products licensed and distributed by redhot international. - September 05, 2013

redhot international Builds World Class Sales Organization

Due to rapid growth in launching innovative new brands into the marketplace, redhot international™ is announcing substantial additions to its growing sales organization. redhot international welcomes and introduces new sales representatives nation wide. - August 16, 2013

redhot international Announces Partnership with David Mulvihill

Coming on board to market all of redhot’s products is platinum marketing specialist, Dave Mulvihill, of Houston, TX. He will focus on mass distribution of all redhot’s key products including Rolly Brush, Deadliest Catch apparel and Hangover Gone. - July 24, 2013

redhot Makes the "Deadliest Catch"

redhot international™ announced it contracted with Wesley Fiedler to market the full line of redhot’s Deadliest Catch products. Fiedler, a former executive with Timex, has vast connections in mass retail outlets including Dillard's, Macy's and Marriott Hotels. - July 21, 2013

Coors Beer Pioneer Joins the Rolly Brush Movement

Barrington Powell, a former Coors distributorship owner from Detroit comes on board with redhot international™ for the Midwest market to be part of the redhot and the Rolly Brush team. The contract follows new areas in Madison, WI, Canada and Mexico. - July 20, 2013

redhot's Team Builds in Canada with the Rolly Brush

redhot international™ announced today the contracting of retail sales veteran, Danny Lemelin, for its retail team in Canada. He brings over 20 years of relationships including Wal-Mart, Costco and Metro Stores. He will focus solely on the Rolly Brush, redhot’s star product. - July 18, 2013

redhot Pushes Into Mexico with Rolly

redhot international™ announced a new partnership with Hugo Madrigal of Laredo, Texas, a specialist in the grocery distribution business who has deep roots throughout lower Texas and Mexico to lead the push of the Rolly mini toothbrush into Mexico. - July 18, 2013

redhot Fans the Flames of the Rolly Explosion

As the intensive expansion of the Rolly Brush continues, redhot international™ ignited its sales strategy today with the announcement that former Pfizer executive Dave Goren has signed on to distribute the innovative Rolly, the world's smallest toothbrush. - June 27, 2013

Redhot Announces Key Role for Rolly Brush in Northeast

Rolly Brush continues to attract the attention of the sales elite as a former market development director for Coca Cola enlists with redhot international to launch a comprehensive sales attack on the northeast, redhot announced this week. - June 23, 2013

redhot's Canadian Invasion with the Rolly Brush

redhot international™ is aggressively invading the Canadian market with the Rolly Brush, the world's smallest toothbrush. Spearheading the charge is a former national sales manager for Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson company. - June 23, 2013

Saliva, Candlebox, Mad Margritt Headline Muscle Madness XVIII -2013: Tickets on Sale Today

Tickets for Muscle Madness XVIII are on sale now through The concert July 6 in Sarasota features Saliva, Candlebox and Mad Margritt. Two new hires at Big Cat Love for sponsorships and event planning of the concert tour. - April 26, 2013

redhot Signs with Global Retail Product Data Sharing Company

A product launch company, redhot international™, announced its membership with 1WorldSync. 1WorldSync is the industry leader in global product data management and data pool solutions certified for the GS1 Global Data Standardization Network™ (GDSN®). 1WorldSync solutions and... - April 24, 2013

Sarasota Product Marketing Company Builds Its Sales Presence

Michelle Lipford joins the redhot sales team with a history in health and beauty, makeup artistry and sales for global investments. She has represented diamond, refined and crude oil and international real estate development companies. - April 24, 2013

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