Rolly Brush Releases New Flavor, Whitener and "Taste with a Punch!"

Sarasota, FL, September 29, 2013 --( Last week, redhot internationalTM’s executives returned from meetings at the Rolly Brush compound, headquartered in Parma, Italy, teaming with positive news and a plethora of samples of the new Rolly Flavors. Samples unveiled at the meetings include the enhanced mint flavor, 7 times stronger than the original, and a new peach flavor. The peach flavor is already coursing through Japan, whose market has seen sales of over $800,000 at retail in a single day. Also introduced at the meeting were the all new gold-colored sophisticated package and 3-piece "Rolly-on-the-Go" perfect for daily use and ideal for convenience stores. Rolly Brush’s parent company has spent millions of dollars this year on R&D as sales continue to surge. Effective immediately, all Rolly Brushes are now enhanced with ‘Teeth Whitener.’ The company has the technology and equipment in place that allows the application of just about any additional formulas to the patented Rolly Brush. Upcoming additional elements to be featured on future brushes are a cinnamon flavor and the inclusion of an “energy boost “comparable to a shot of espresso.
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David Branch