HCC Embedded Announces OPEN Alliance TC8 Test Suite for Validating TCP/IP Stacks in Automotive Environment

HCC Safety Integration TestBench includes TCP/IP tests specified within the TC8 Ethernet ECU test specification to ensure reliable automotive networking. - February 26, 2020

HCC Embedded Launches First Reusable Software Element Developed “Out of Context” for Safety-Critical Systems

HCC SafeTCPIP is an industry-first, off-the-shelf network stack for integration with automotive systems that require a high safety-integrity level. - February 23, 2019

HCC Embedded Signs Licensing Agreement with Microsoft to Provide RTOS-Independent Implementation of exFAT File System

Device manufacturers can license HCC’s exFAT file system solution combined with a direct license from Microsoft and easily upgrade to forthcoming failsafe version. - February 16, 2019

HCC Embedded Ensures Data Integrity with Addition of HTTPS Client to Reliable, High Quality TCP/IP Networking Stack

HTTPS protocol uses HCC’s trusted TCP/IP stack and verifiable TLS module to create a highly secure data environment for embedded IoT applications. - March 15, 2017

HCC Embedded Adds MQTT Connectivity Protocol to Its Robust Networking and Security Suite for Building Reliable IoT Applications

MQTT runs on HCC’s MISRA-compliant TCP/IP stack and uses HCC’s verifiable TLS module to ensure completely secure IoT cloud connections. - March 15, 2017

HCC Embedded Acquires Networking Business of InterNiche Technologies to Offer IoT Device Developers a Single Source of Secure Networking and Storage Solutions

HCC Embedded has acquired the networking business of InterNiche Technologies to offer IoT device developers a single, global source of secure networking and storage software solutions. - July 24, 2016

HCC Embedded Releases IPSec/IKEv2 Protocol Suite to Boost Network Security

HCC’s robust, verifiable network stacks make embedded IoT devices less vulnerable to attacks. - February 25, 2016

HCC Embedded Safeguards Automotive Data by Bringing Verifiable TCP/IP, Encryption, and Reliable File Systems to OSEK-Based Applications

High-performance middleware with emphasis on performance, security, and reliability now available for OSEK-based applications. - February 24, 2016

HCC Embedded Releases Dual IPv4/IPv6 Stack for Texas Instruments Hercules™ Microcontrollers

HCC demonstrates full Hercules IPv4/IPv6 stack with rigorous MISRA code-quality verification - February 24, 2016

HCC Embedded Introduces Power Fail-Safe File Systems for eMMC Flash with Advanced Test Verification

Embedded developers can rapidly design eMMC-based applications with guaranteed data integrity. - February 27, 2015

HCC Embedded Adds MISRA-Compliant HTTP, SMTP, NTP, and SNMP Protocols with Security to Embedded Networking Stack

High-performance embedded stack combines speed and memory utilization with verifiable quality for improved reliability and faster time to market - February 27, 2015

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