CHD-Expert Americas Names Darren Tristano as Next CEO

CHD Expert Americas today announced that ithas appointed Darren Trista no, Chief Executive Officer. CHD-Expert founder PaulHagege will assume the role of Executive Chairman and General Manager,Catherine Kearns has been appointed President. CHD Expert Americas today announced that it has appointed... - March 27, 2018

Discover Your Market Potential with CHD Expert’s New Landscape on the Hotel Industry

February is the most romantic month with Valentine’s Day, providing you a valid excuse for a loving getaway, CHD Expert, a global leader in aggregating, analyzing, and managing foodservice & hospitality data, has examined the hotels landscape in the most romantic destinations in the US, and offering a sneak peek to the US hospitality market. - February 23, 2018

White Space Opportunities in the U.S. Restaurant Landscape: CHD Expert Evaluates the Independent Restaurant Market

Independent operators represent 68% of the total U.S. restaurant landscape and maintain a unique competitive edge in the market. - December 08, 2017

Get a Room: With More Than 77,000 Operators, CHD Expert Evaluates the Hotel Industry in the United States

As the hospitality industry continues to compete with home-offered accommodations, technology is playing an increasingly larger role in the ability for hotels to stay competitive. - November 15, 2017

Fast & Fresh: CHD Expert Evaluates the Fast Food Restaurant Landscape of the USA

Consumer attitudes toward healthy eating are changing fast food menus across the nation and creating opportunities for new health-conscious operators. - September 15, 2017

CHD Expert Evaluates the 2017 U.S. Healthcare Foodservice Industry Market Landscape

In 2017 the healthcare industry faces a number of possible changes. CHD Expert evaluates the current status of the foodservice industry within our nation's healthcare facilities. - August 09, 2017

From Pit to Plate: CHD Expert Evaluates the U.S. BBQ Restaurant Landscape

CHD Expert evaluates trends within the barbecue restaurant landscape across the country. - July 19, 2017

CHD Expert Identifies Target-Rich Environments for Education Foodservice Suppliers in Q3 and Q4 of 2017

CHD Expert evaluates the nation’s schools and university foodservice landscape, to help suppliers identify target buyers in this lucrative market. - July 12, 2017

CHD Expert Releases Year-Over-Year Restaurant Unit Report, Identifying Winners and Losers by Market Segment and Menu Type Since 2014

In terms of total operators, the US restaurant industry has grown by approximately 2% since 2014, however certain segments and menu types are pulling more weight than others. - June 29, 2017

CHD Expert Announces New Website Launch

The upgraded site features interactive tools that give visitors access to the industry’s best global foodservice and hospitality industry data. - June 02, 2017

CHD Expert Evaluates the Mexican Restaurant Industry, the Second Most Popular Menu Type in the USA

Representing 9 percent of USA Restaurants, the Mexican Menu Type is more common then Pizzerias and Hamburgers Restaurants. - April 25, 2017

CHD Expert Releases Their 2017 Restaurant Unit Report, Breaking Down the 700,000 Restaurants That Serve the American People

The 2017 Restaurant Unit Report dissects the restaurant landscape across the USA. Identifying common menu types, segments and % independent and chain owned, across each of the 50 states. - April 05, 2017

CHD Expert North America and FRANdata Announce Partnership to Integrate FRANdata’s Franchise Operator Data Into CHD Expert’s Easy2FIND Platform

This integration will link both individual and multi unit restaurant franchise owners with the chain locations they own, giving industry suppliers end-to-end visibility and access to 90,000 Franchisees nation wide. - March 16, 2017

America's Top-Grossing Restaurants: CHD Expert Identifies Restaurants with Over $5 Million in Annual Sales

America's top-grossing restaurants set the standard for operators across the nation. - March 01, 2017

Touchdown Chow Down: CHD Expert Evaluates Houston, TX's Restaurant Landscape in Advance of Super Bowl LI

Houston is expecting one million visitors over a 10-day period. Are the city’s restaurants ready for them? - January 18, 2017

Dining in The Great White North: CHD Expert Evaluates the Foodservice Landscape of Canada

The Canadian restaurant landscape is roughly a tenth of the size of the restaurant landscape of the United States, yet offers a wealth of opportunities for suppliers. - November 17, 2016

The "White Tablecloth" Segment: CHD Expert Evaluates the Fine Dining Landscape of the United States

The fine dining restaurant industry caters to American consumers looking for a high-end, away-from-home dining experience. - November 02, 2016

CHD Expert Evaluates the Independent Restaurant Industry to Help Suppliers Pinpoint Opportunities with Independent Operators

Independent restaurants represent 66 percent of the total restaurant landscape and outnumber chains nearly two to one. - September 21, 2016

Back to School: from Kindergarten to Universities, Get a Taste of the 2016 Foodservice Industry Across Our Nation's Learning Institutions

CHD Expert evaluates the education foodservice landscape of the USA to provide insights into different school types and allow providers to target specific segments. - August 31, 2016

Hot Dogs, Burgers and Ice Cream Make the Perfect Summertime Eats: CHD Expert Evaluates the Summer Dining Landscape of the United States

When the summer season rolls around many Americans reach for a few staple foods to help with fun in the sun – hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream. - July 29, 2016

California Dreaming: CHD Expert Evaluates the Los Angeles Restaurant Industry Landscape

Food culture in Los Angeles takes inspiration from many international cuisines and with more than 5,000 restaurants in the city there is something for every taste. - June 24, 2016

Checking In: CHD Expert Breaks Down the 2016 USA Hotel Operator Landscape

Despite the influx of Air BNB inventory, the US hotel industry is a growing multibillion-dollar industry, and as hotel operators upgrade amenities, suppliers are presented a wealth of new opportunities if they can find them. - May 04, 2016

CHD Expert Releases Their 2016 Restaurant Unit Report, Reporting Industry Counts for 678,817 Restaurants by: State/Menu Type and State/Segment/#Units

The 2016 Restaurant Unit Report details and segments the volume of restaurants in operation across the 50 United States. - March 30, 2016

CHD Expert North America and Galunion Brazil Announce Partnership to Form CHD Expert Brazil

This strategic partnership will be a valuable resource to companies who wish to increase sales in Latin America’s growing foodservice markets. - February 26, 2016

Taste the Fire Monkey: CHD Expert Evaluates the Asian Restaurant Menu Type Across the United States

Independents strongly dominate the Asian restaurant landscape, representing 92 percent of the market. - February 24, 2016

Wing It: CHD Expert Evaluates the Chicken Wing Landscape of the United States

Chicken wings have evolved from a kitchen scrap to a scrumptious “must have” for any foodservice menu. - January 08, 2016

Foodservice in Canada: CHD Expert Breaks Down the Current National Landscape

With retail foodservice data now available in Canada, suppliers can look to penetrate more than just restaurants, schools and hotels. - October 09, 2015

School is in Session: CHD Expert Evaluates the USA's Multi-Billion-Dollar K-12 Foodservice Industry

With more than 109,800 K-12 schools in the country, and an average annual per student expenditure of $12,401* foodservice suppliers should consider how they can work with schools’ foodservice directors to help feed their local student bodies. - September 18, 2015

Dining Out in Mexico: Mexico’s Evolving Foodservice Industry Serves Up More Than Just Tacos

From Pizza to Sushi, local consumer demand has restaurants in Mexico offering more diverse menu options, and suppliers have new opportunities to increase their market share in Mexico’s expanding foodservice industry. - August 29, 2015

Hot Off the Grill: CHD Expert Evaluates the Latest Burger Trends

The Hamburger Restaurant Landscape of the United States continues to grow, with roughly 1.6 hamburger restaurants for every 10,000 Americans. - August 26, 2015

Need A Vacation? CHD Expert Evaluates the Hotel and Lodging Landscape in the USA.

From intimate boutiques to large 500 + room skyscrapers, there are more than 70,000 accredited hotels across the USA, offering a wide spectrum of options for travelers who need a place to rest their head. - July 31, 2015

Don’t Forget Your Wet Napkin: CHD Expert Digs Into the Barbecue Restaurant Industry in the United States

BBQ is king in the South and Alabama is the state with the highest percent of BBQ restaurants in the nation. - June 27, 2015

CHD Expert Releases the Latest Comprehensive Report of the Restaurant Industry by State

CHD Expert, the Chicago-based foodservice database and analytics firm, has released its highly anticipated 2015 Restaurant Unit Report. The Unit Report breaks down the volume of restaurants by menu type and segment in each of the 50 United States. The Restaurant Unit Report’s segmentation... - May 15, 2015

CHD Expert Reports Positive Growth for the US Restaurant Industry in 2014

In 2014, the US restaurant industry showed a favorable 2 percent positive net market change. The industry has almost completely rebounded to numbers not seen since 2009, which was before the most recent recession. - April 25, 2015

CHD Expert Evaluates the Pizza Industry in the United States: Any Way You Slice It, Pizza is Popular, and Independents are Making a Statement

From New York to Chicago and everywhere in between, pizza is everywhere in the United States. This casual food staple makes up 14% of the total US restaurant landscape, and 13% of the total US Independent restaurant landscape. - March 23, 2015

CHD Expert Evaluates and Compares the Independent and Chain Restaurant Segments, Breaking Each Down with an Overview Around Full Service and Limited Service Restaurants

Independent restaurants have a large presence in the American restaurant landscape, making up 66 percent of the total US market. - March 05, 2015

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