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February is the most romantic month with Valentine’s Day, providing you a valid excuse for a loving getaway, CHD Expert, a global leader in aggregating, analyzing, and managing foodservice & hospitality data, has examined the hotels landscape in the most romantic destinations in the US, and offering a sneak peek to the US hospitality market.

Chicago, IL, February 23, 2018 --( Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of freedom while entering an indulging room in a 4 or 5-star hotel, a charming B&B or a grand resort? The pampering service and facilities, tight sheets, extremely soft towels, enormous bathrooms, breathtaking view, mouthwatering room service menus and romantic atmosphere?

As of February 2018, there is a total of 72,818 hotels, B&B and resorts in the US, which correlates to 0.24 hotels per 1000 citizens (or 500 Valentine’s couples). Of these, 57% are independents, while 43% are classified as chains.

The most welcoming states, with the largest number of hotels and B&B, are California (7,092), Texas (6,062), Florida (5,348), New York (3,596), and Pennsylvania (2,537).

We see a slightly different picture when looking at the most romantic destinations in the US (according to a report by U.S News & World), located in Hawaii, California, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Among the top 10 Romantic destinations, Bed & Breakfast establishments seem to be the most suitable for lovers with 36% of the lodging market (a significant climb compared to U.S. having 23% of the hospitality industry in the B&B category).

The unique landscape of these romantic getaways is also noticeable when examining ownership type – 76% of lodging operators are independents, while only 14% are owned by major chains (as opposed to 32% across the US).

Within the top 10 romantic destinations in the US, Cape Cod is the leading destination in B&B; Savannah has the most 2 star hotels and Maui offers the most 3, 4, 5-star hotels and resorts.

The average annual spend on food, beverage and disposable purchases per-operator across the US is $180,000. But some of our top romantic destinations go way over budget creating great opportunities for suppliers in the food industry. In Napa, California, 42 establishments spend $8 million a year on food, beverages, and disposable purchases, averaging at $190,000 per operator.

Another Georgia mega-star is Savannah, with an average spend of $216,000 per operator. There is more than coconuts and amazing sunsets to keep your eyes set on Hawaii. The average hotel operator in Maui and Kauai devotes $338,000 annually to food, beverage, and disposable purchases almost twice the annual average.

Within the top 10 romantic destinations, operators’ largest spend is on protein (26%), followed by fresh and frozen products (19%) and dry products (16%).

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