Sparks Will Fly on Bonfire Night Without Home Insurance and Safety Awareness

Bristol, United Kingdom, November 03, 2007 --( Bonfire Night is a much-anticipated event, but things can quickly go awry if the public does not take precautions or protect themselves from the potential financial damage with an adequate home insurance policy, financial comparison site Fair Investment Company has warned.

There is a whole host of things that can go wrong when people are careless, such as damage to the home or neighbours’ property, injury to those throwing the party or third parties, injury or straying of pets, and even damage from emergency services vehicles if they need to be called to deal with an unruly bonfire.

The average cost of repairing damage caused by Guy Fawkes last year was £307, affecting nearly 2 million homes in the UK. 21 per cent of people plan to attend private parties or to throw their own, but 35 per cent of people have not heard of the Firework Code, which emphasises the importance of safety when dealing with fireworks.

Householders are legally responsible for damage or injury which results from irresponsible Bonfire Night practice, either from negligence of ignorance. Incidents involving fires rise by 50 per cent on November 5th, and it is also the worst day for occurrences of malicious damage to cars, which rises by a quarter.

Fair Investment Company urges those who wish to create their own Guy Fawkes festivities to follow the Firework Safety Code provided by the Government, which recommends such precautions as only buying fireworks marked with the British Standards code (BS 7114), lighting fireworks at arm’s length using a taper, standing well back and keeping fireworks and bonfires a safe distance away from houses, sheds, garages, fences and cars.

Pets should also be kept indoors to prevent them from becoming distressed and straying, as the RSPCA received 200 calls last year regarding pets affected by the commotion of the evening. Pet insurance can help owners to find their pets if they run away, or to treat them if they are injured.

James Caldwell, Director at Fair Investment Company said: “We all like to have a good time and enjoy the festivities of bonfire night, but it is important to behave in a responsible way, protecting yourself, property, pets and others from damage or injury. If the proper precautions are not taken, it could result in a personal or financial emergency.”


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