Biztech Launches Mobile App for Magento 2 Admin Management

Biztech recently released the Magento 2 version of MageMob Admin, a popular mobile application to manage Magento 2 stores on the go. MageMob Admin lets the store admin access and controls the backend of the store directly from their mobile, tablet or smartwatch. - March 09, 2017

Biztech Launches Self Service Customer Portal for SMEs

Biztech IT Consultancy, the Ahmedabad based IT Solutions Company, recently launched Self Service Customer Portal for SMEs. With the product businesses using SugarCRM or SuiteCRM would be able to create a self service portal for their customers to facilitate easy and quick addressal of their issues. - February 09, 2017

Biztech Launches Odoo App to Manage Sales Order/Quotation Templates

Biztech IT Consultancy, the Ahmedabad based IT Solutions Company, recently released an Odoo App to Manage Sales Order/Quotation Templates. The product is called Odoo Clever Multiple Sales Order/Quotation Templates and designed to ease transactions for B2B businesses. The app provides multiple... - January 27, 2017

Magento Quotation Manager Will Facilitate Ecommerce Quotations

Biztech IT Consultancy, the Ahmedabad based IT Solutions Company, recently released Magento Quotation Manager, a Magento extension to simplify quotation management for online businesses. The extension lets online store get bulk orders without publicizing the prices. - January 15, 2017

Biztech Launches Australia Post eParcel Magento Extension

Biztech IT Consultancy, the Ahmedabad based IT Solutions Company, recently released Australia Post eParcel Magento Extension to facilitate the integration between the online postal service and ecommerce businesses looking forward to post their shipments through the portal. Mr. Maulik Shah, the CEO... - January 08, 2017

Biztech Launches Mobicraft Odoo Theme for Gadgets Industry

Biztech IT Consultancy, the Ahmedabad based IT solutions company, recently launched a HTML5 bootstrap Odoo theme called Mobicraft for mobile and gadgets industry. The theme is specially design to cater to to those who want to sell mobile and other electronic gadgets online. Mr. Maulik Shah, the... - December 31, 2016

Biztech Launches Inventory Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Biztech IT Consultancy, the Ahmedabad based IT Solutions Company, recently released an inventory management plugin to simplify inventory management in Dynamics CRM. The product, aptly named Inventory Manager, is developed to streamline purchases and stock keeping for Businesses using Dynamics... - December 24, 2016

Magento SEO Simplified with Biztech's Magento SEO Hub

Biztech IT Consultancy, the Ahmedabad based IT Solutions Company released SEO Hub, one of the most advanced solutions for Magento SEO. The product is targeted at Magento stores looking for a simplified and automated SEO solution for their ecommerce. Mr. Maulik Shah, CEO of Biztech, says, "The... - December 17, 2016

Biztech Launches The Latest Avatar of Advance Product Designer

Biztech IT Consultancy, the Ahmedabad based IT Solutions Company, recently released a completely restructured version of its best selling product Advance Product Designer, an online product customization tool for the web-to-print industry. The complete print ecommerce solution is developed for the... - December 10, 2016

Biztech Launches SaaS Based Integration Solution for Magento & QuickBooks

Biztech IT Consultancy, the Ahmedabad based IT solutions company recently launched a SaaS based Magento QuickBooks Integration solution to integrate Magento with QuickBooks. The integration is about the assimilation of the data acquired from QuickBooks and your ecommerce to help manage your... - November 24, 2016

Biztech Launches SaaS Based Integration Solution for Magento & SugarCRM

Biztech IT Consultancy, the Ahmedabad based IT solutions company recently launched a SaaS based Magento SugarCRM Integration solution to integrate Magento with SugarCRM. The integration promises to offer the benefits of efficient customer relationship management (CRM) for ecommerce businesses. It... - November 10, 2016

Biztech Launches Its Popular Language Translator for Magento 2

Biztech’s latest Magento 2 extension is a great option for single language Magento 2 stores to go multilingual. Language Translator is designed to get the store content translated in various regional languages with as little effort as possible. - September 08, 2016

Biztech Launched Impressive Odoo Crafito Theme for All Industry Verticals

Biztech has recently introduced an attractive theme called “Odoo Crafito” with exciting features. All industry verticals can have a plethora of aesthetic & flexible solutions for their eCommerce stores. - August 08, 2016

Biztech Launches MageMob Admin Application with Value Added Features

Biztech recently launched a mobile app called MageMob Admin for Magento Admin Management. It helps eCommerce store owners access their eStores, products, stock management and many other details on-the-move. This app is easily accessible on Android & iOS platforms both. - July 28, 2016

Biztech Launches SugarCRM Plugin for Customised Login Experience

SugarCRM users can now look forward to a new and exciting login page for their CRM system, courtesy the SugarCRM Dynamic Login Screen Pro, a SugarCRM plugin developed by Biztech. - June 15, 2016

Biztech's Feature-Rich Purchasing Assistant Plugin Introduced to Help Businesses

Effective and transparent purchasing processes provide unexpected potentials. They are the primary success factors of a powerful purchasing department that helps to reduce operative purchasing activities by means of an efficient integration of CRM system. With a proficient Dynamics CRM plugin called “Purchase Assistant” keep records of your Purchases, Generate Purchase Orders of selected products in CRM and keep track of products received from suppliers by generating purchase invoice. - May 19, 2016

Biztech Introduces WooCommerce Plugin to Display Reviews on Online Stores

Now view all the reviews of your WooCommerce store in a single page. Single page review display will allow the readers to have a quick look through the reviews to have a better idea on the products. You can select the pages for which you want to display all the reviews. - May 12, 2016

Biztech Introduced New Magento Extension Named Brush Your Ideas

Biztech has come up with one more Magento extension in the market. Brush Your Ideas is developed specifically for giving a stylish look to your products. Your customers can design the product in desired way and come up with innovative ideas. - April 07, 2016

Biztech Store Introduces Customer Portal Pro Powered with WordPress

It’s time to give your customer’s improved and controlled systems with the benefit of Wordpress and SugarCRM integration by offering a dedicated Customer Portal accessible from their WP interface. It will make business function smoother and faster. It also simplifies and reduces communication with the customers as they would be able to update all the modules by their own using the interface. - April 03, 2016

Biztech Store Introduces Survey Rocket Plugin in SugarCRM 7 to Send Online Surveys Effectively

Survey Rocket - SugarCRM Plugin launched by Biztech Store is a robust online tool that helps send surveys smoothly and efficiently. The plugin has been built on SugarCRM 7 with an aim to provide professional features and specifications to its users. All business sectors can utilize it and bag benefits from its various usages. - March 31, 2016

Biztech Store Launches Stock Management App Called MageMob Inventory

Biztech Store’s yet another Magento product is introduced in the market. MageMob Inventory application is developed to control the stocks and goods efficiently. This easy to use app has been created for both mobile and web users. - February 19, 2016

Biztech Store Presents SugarCRM Plugin - Dynamic Login Screen

New SugarCRM plugin named Dynamic Login Screen for CRM users seeking innovative login solution with great features and comprehensive solution performance. - November 27, 2015

Biztech Store Launches Great Odoo App – Checkout Terms and Conditions

Biztech store, one of the leading services providers of helpful Odoo ERP products, Magento extensions, SugarCRM and WordPress plugins etc. - November 19, 2015

Biztech Store Adds Odoo SEO Suite to Its Range of Reliable Services

Biztech store, the one stop destination for strong and powerful plugins and extensions has introduced an Odoo SEO suite app to its range of services to enterprises seeking flawless business solutions. The company offers several products and solutions like comprehensive Magento extensions, extensive... - October 29, 2015

Biztech Store Rolled Out an Attractive Odoo ERP Theme Named Kingfisher

Biztech Store has rolled out a brand new Odoo ERP theme named “Kingfisher” for better website performance with great features. - August 22, 2015

Biztech Store Added Odoo ERP Solution to Its Bouquet of Services

Biztech Store has now added Odoo solution to its bouquet of services for offering a suite of business solutions to the enterprises seeking a well-rounded performance. - August 08, 2015

Biztech Launched T-Shirt Design for Shoppers to Buy Personalized T-Shirts

T-shirt Design extension is useful for shoppers to buy self-designed t-shirts from the online stores. Shoppers can utilize their creative juices to design the t-shirts they want to buy. - May 20, 2015

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