Biztech Launches Inventory Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ahmedabad, India, December 24, 2016 --( Biztech IT Consultancy, the Ahmedabad based IT Solutions Company, recently released an inventory management plugin to simplify inventory management in Dynamics CRM. The product, aptly named Inventory Manager, is developed to streamline purchases and stock keeping for Businesses using Dynamics CRM.

Mr Maulik Shah, the CEO of Biztech, introduced the product saying that “It is an all-in-one inventory manager plug-in to take care of all requirements related to your inventory. Using this product, businesses can manage their purchases and stock efficiently. Moreover, accurate data facilitates mission critical information which you can further utilize to make right decisions for your business.”

Smooth operation of a business can only be achieved if the inventory for production and sales are managed competently. Inventory management eases the process and facilitates ease of transaction by eliminating setbacks which you might face while manually keeping inventory records. And of customer relationship management, Dynamic CRM is undoubtedly one of the best to enhance your sales productivity and marketing effectiveness. If you have implemented Dynamic CRM for your organization, inventory management can be simplified by Inventory Manager.

By configuring Inventory Manager with Dynamics CRM, businesses can ease product management by generating product orders and invoices automatically, it keeps a track of all inventory including products purchased, remaining stock, sold products, along with the reasons for outflow and inflow. It helps the business to eliminate ‘out of stock’ and ‘excessive stock’ situations by maintaining a balanced stock. It is also responsible for streamlining the documentation requirements of the business and reduces human errors by automating everything.

By providing accurate data for everything, Inventory Manager plays a key role in Dynamics CRM to ease decision making. By providing stock transaction history it lets you decide which products are doing well and should be further promoted.

Inventory management is undeniably one of the most crucial functions for any business and manually keeping a track needs difficult efforts along with additional manpower. Inventory Manager is one of the most effective inventory management solution for Dynamics CRM and covers all the features that are required for an efficient stock keeping and inventory management.

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About the company

Biztech is an ISO 9001:2000 certified IT company based in Ahmedabad, India. Biztech specializes in ecommerce, CRM and ERP technologies and makes both web and mobile apps for global businesses. The services by Biztech include web-based business applications, e-commerce and database driven websites, programming, customer relationship management and search engine optimization. Providing CRM and inventory related solutions are a part of their services.
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