Beauty.AI 3.0 Postponed Due to Ethical Concerns, Plans to Form a Task Force to Prevent Discrimination by Algorithms

Youth Laboratories, the developer of Beauty.AI and RYNKL apps today announced that it is postponing the launch of Beauty.AI 3.0 online beauty contest judged by the robot jury citing ethical concerns. - September 17, 2016

Second Beauty Contest, Where Humans Are Judged by Robots Beauty.AI 2.0 Launches. Robot Judgment Day is Set for August 1st, 2016.

Building on the success of Beauty.AI 1.0, where thousands of human participants were ranked by a jury of algorithms, Beauty.AI 2.0, the second by-annual contest, is now open for both human and algorithmic participants. People are encouraged to download the free Beauty.AI 2.0 mobile app in either the Google Play market or Apple App Store and algorithm developers should reach out to the organizers through a form on the website. - April 29, 2016

The First Beauty Contest Judged by an Artificial Intelligence Jury Gathers Pace – Now on iOS

In November Youth Laboratories, a company focused on developing an innovative approach to aging research, announced the launch of the First International Beauty Contest Judged by an Artificial Intelligence − Beauty.AI. On November 19th a mobile application Beauty.AI has appeared for Android platform. Since December 17th the iOS users too have received access to the contest. - December 31, 2015

Tracking and Removing Wrinkles with the Power of Your Mobile Phone

Youth Laboratories, a company focused on translating cutting-edge aging research from laboratory to household has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The goal is to raise $7,000 from donors all over the world to finalize the development and launch a mobile app, called "RYNKL”. This application tracks facial wrinkles and helps to correct them using various interventions including skin care products, lifestyle, exercise, and supplements. - December 16, 2015

Beauty.AI Announces the First International Beauty Contest Judged by an Artificial Intelligence Jury

In a move that will enter into the history books as the first beauty contest judged by artificial intelligence, Beauty.AI opens as a platform bridging human participants and algorithm developers with a mission to develop an impartial machine intelligence with the perception of human beauty. People are able to enter the beauty pageant using a mobile app, and data scientists teams from all over the world can submit algorithms for evaluating the many criteria linked to perception of human beauty. - November 19, 2015

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