Animal-Specific Dental Unit Available Now from DRE Veterinary

DRE Veterinary offers the DRE Teres V-400, a high-speed veterinary dental unit that features cutting, polishing and scaling.

Louisville, KY, July 11, 2010 --( DRE Veterinary, a premier supplier of veterinary equipment and supplies, offers the DRE Teres V-400, an all-in-one veterinary dental unit that incorporates state-of-the-art microchip circuitry and enables veterinary dentists to easily switch from polishing to scaling to cutting.

The DRE Teres V-400 features a built-in 25K ultrasonic scaler equipped with auto-tuned oscillation that maintains optimum frequency by constantly scanning and compensating, which helps eliminate even a partial loss of power. Veterinary dentists can also use the all-in-one unit to perform curettage and deep scaling of heavy calculus, remove stains, and conclude the preventive treatment by polishing the teeth — all in a single operation.

The DRE Teres V-400 features heat-treated tips, constructed with surgical stainless steel, that smoothly glide across tooth surfaces. Water flows internally through the tip to the operative site, gently cooling and lubricating the tooth, thus washing away dislodged debris.

The all-in-one DRE Teres V-400 includes a responsive foot control that can cause the ultrasonic insert to instantly surge power to the tip. Plus, the scaler’s delayed cavitation feature disperses excess water into a fine mist, even after the foot control is released.

Veterinarians can use the DRE Teres V-400’s air and water-driven high-speed handpiece, available with an optional fiber optic system, to cut and extract teeth. The low-speed handpiece, which is air-driven, can be used in conjunction with prophy paste for polishing.

Features of the DRE Teres V-400 high-speed dental air unit include:
- 400,000 RPM high-speed drill
- 20,000 RPM low-speed handpiece
- Built-in 25K ultrasonic scaler
- Auto-tune circuitry
- Air water syringe
- Oil-less compressor
- H-frame mobile stand
- Independent water controls
- Built-in water reservoir
- Automatic handpiece activators

In addition to the DRE Teres V-400, DRE Veterinary offers the Son-Mate II, a combination dental scaler and polisher that includes a scaler handpiece with an inserted stack (transducer), assorted tips and a tip wrench. Also available is the Sonus II, an ultrasonic dental scaler unit that is a potent, powerful tool in the fight against periodontal disease.

DRE Veterinary is a complete equipment resource for veterinary facilities. In addition to veterinary dental units, DRE Veterinary offers a variety of anesthesia systems, including the DRE Premier, a flexible anesthesia system perfect for dental, spaying, neutering, emergency and pre-op procedures. All of the DRE Premier’s moving parts are replaceable, chrome-plated brass, and the anesthesia machine features a 0.1 to 0.4 lpm oxygen flowmeter with a rotary float and large scale.

DRE Veterinary also offers the DRE Vetrec VST telemetry system, which can help veterinarians simultaneously monitor up to sixteen patients from a single location. The advanced DRE Vetrec VST central monitoring system provides seamless integration with wireless ECG transmitters and DRE Waveline multi-parameter monitors.

Veterinary surgeons can rely on DRE Veterinary for a variety of surgical tables, including the DRE Genesis, available in a V-top configuration with battery operation. The stainless steel DRE Genesis is easy to clean with a removable fluid tray and V-top panels, and can support up to 175 pounds.

In addition to capital equipment, DRE Veterinary provides vaporizer cleaning and calibration maintenance services. Veterinary facilities can utilize DRE Veterinary’s skilled biomedical staff to clean and calibrate vaporizers for a low price with a speedy turnaround. DRE Veterinary also has a wide selection of new and professionally re-calibrated vaporizers from trusted brands, such as Ohmeda, Drager and Penlon.

Veterinarians and veterinary dentists can learn more about the DRE Teres V-400, as well as new and professionally refurbished veterinary equipment, by visiting

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