Introducing Virtual.MD - The First Off-Site Hosting Service That Provides Everything Needed to Run a Medical Practice

Sold under the brand name Virtual.MD; this new offering is the first off-site hosting service that provides everything needed to run a medical practice. Powerful electronic health records software, practice management software of the physician’s choice, MS Office along with tax and accounting... - December 08, 2007

Chaparral Ice Has a Slick New Computer System

Charles Collins said the decision to utilize Thin-nology’s program came down to one single fact… “It got us out of the IT business and let us focus on our core business. Then you add in the fact my offices, Point of Sales Terminals, Reservations Systems, Bookkeeping Systems and Employees are totally integrated, and available to me 24/7/365 from any where in the world; you can understand how easy the decision was.” - December 08, 2007

Austin Children’s Museum Goes Thin

So what is Thin? Thin is “Thin-Client Technology.” Jon Bowling, President, of Thin-nology the company that is taking the Museum Thin, likes to explain it this way… “We are going back to the “Dumb-Terminal” days, the difference is the terminals of today are smart. In addition to the terminal, keyboard and mouse, they support local printing, Smart cards, Bluetooth, wireless, and more.” - December 07, 2007

Innovative Internet Technology Company Running in Rural Border Town; Maverick County Hospital Goes High-Tech

When Don Spaulding inked the deal to build Maverick County Hospital District in Eagle Pass, Texas, he had one huge problem still to solve. How would he get the technology needed to run his new enterprise to this small border town? Eagle Pass has a lot to offer for a border town; the one thing it does not have, is technical capability. - December 07, 2007

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