Introducing Virtual.MD - The First Off-Site Hosting Service That Provides Everything Needed to Run a Medical Practice

Austin, TX, December 08, 2007 --( Sold under the brand name Virtual.MD; this new offering is the first off-site hosting service that provides everything needed to run a medical practice. Powerful electronic health records software, practice management software of the physician’s choice, MS Office along with tax and accounting software. The package also includes a complete Document Management Suite, lab interfaces such as CPL and Quest Diagnostics, X-ray interface, and secure HIPAA-compliant document sharing.

Thin client technology is the wave of the future. Thin-nology LLC provides a ‘virtual office’ environment securely across the internet, has teamed up with Clinical Mentor a top of the line EMR. The venture, Virtual.MD was prompted in part by a discussion with several members of Texas Medical Association’s new Healthcare Information Technology department about the unmet demand for a complete turnkey solution for small and mid-size practices.

Thin client terminals instead of computer PC’s are used to interface with the doctor’s office. Thin clients are quick and easy to install, and the rest of our deployment process is done at a centralized server facility, which makes the installation process the least disruptive to the physician’s office of any IT solution on the market.

Software and data are hosted off-site; secure servers with 24/7 support, maintenance, around the clock back-up, best of all a 99.99% uptime. Physicians can say good-bye to lost employee productivity due to IT problems.
An added benefit to Virtual.MD is that the physician’s software and data are Internet accessible. With the proliferation of wireless broadband services, Wi-Fi and Internet kiosks, the physician’s data is truly available from anywhere, safely and securely.

Virtual.MD strongly differentiates itself by its price. Physicians are longing for affordability and pricing transparency. Although some EMR providers will present their per user or per physician subscription costs upfront, nearly all of them will have to give the physician a personalized quotation for installation and training – precisely where price really comes in. Virtual.MD has a monthly subscription fee. Now the physician’s office will be able to manage their expenses.


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