Innovative Internet Technology Company Running in Rural Border Town; Maverick County Hospital Goes High-Tech

When Don Spaulding inked the deal to build Maverick County Hospital District in Eagle Pass, Texas, he had one huge problem still to solve. How would he get the technology needed to run his new enterprise to this small border town? Eagle Pass has a lot to offer for a border town; the one thing it does not have, is technical capability.

Austin, TX, December 07, 2007 --( Mr. Don Spaulding, CEO of Maverick County Hospital District, discussed his dilemma with the construction company building his new clinic, Lott Brothers of Austin, Texas. The next day Don called Thin-nology LLC, a Pflugerville based company that provides a “virtual office” environment across the Internet utilizing “Thin Client” technology. Thin-nology is revolutionizing the IT business; specializing in hosted applications and data security for companies who wish to outsource their entire IT.

Thin-nology's president, Jon Bowling and Mr. Spaulding would capitalize on the technology and software so readily available to city based operations. Thin-nology would run the clinic and administration offices on “Thin Clients.” These “Thin Client’s” communicate with Thin-nology’s secure server farm in Austin.

The vision of these two leaders unfolded, one a customer, the other a vendor. Maverick County Hospital District is virtually paperless. Even employee’s time clock, a Biometric Reader, generates time worked, then is processed though the system which deposits the employee’s payroll check directly into their account. The employee even gets to view their pay stub online.

While Spaulding likes to marvel at the genius of this integration, Bowling likes to point to a more foundational aspect of the technology. Every single user in the Maverick County Hospital District has been able to work 99.999% of the time over the last year. Bowling admits that Spaulding’s vision pushes the envelope of technology. Now Thin-nology is doing things, and will keep pushing the envelope, because of the Don Spaulding’s of the world. Don brags, “Thin-nology makes my vision a reality and done with incredible efficiency.” Bowling goes on to say, “most Fat Client networks provide about an 85-90% uptime ratio, whereas, Thin-nology’s Virtual Office is so close to perfect, it is not worth measuring.”

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Jon Bowling