The Jemima’s Playhouse Experience Takes Off

Like many successful companies which found themselves operating in a dynamic and changing environment, Jemima’s Playhouse, the quirky educational and entertainment company based in Atlanta, Georgia, saw the needs of its customers changing - and adapted. Thus, the advent of the Jemima... - January 05, 2019

Señor Burro Revolutionizes Entertainment & Education

The Jemima’s Playhouse® cultural appreciation method incorporates a fun way for students to learn at exceptional rate – through music, and proprietary characters – in a seamless way. Of the Jemima Playhouse® characters, Señor Burro has emerged to be one of the most beloved by the children. - July 18, 2017

BahamaMan Surprises Graduates in Omaha

BahamaMan is the superhero from The Bahamas who teaches the children about social responsibility. His groundbreaking song, BahamaMan, has taken on a life of its own. Ms. Jamie, lead teacher at Millard Preschool said, "We love the tremendous value that Jemima's Playhouse brings to our school. Children, let us sing the BahamaMan song!" And while they were still singing, lo and behold: BahamaMan appeared. In the flesh! In full costume! Needless to say, pandemonium broke out. - May 25, 2017

Jemima’s Playhouse Expands Into Texas

Come June, 2017, Jemima’s Playhouse will spread its young and vibrant wings into Dallas, Texas. And what an occasion it will be! A young, growing educational company distinguished by its exciting, new teaching methods; entering Texas, a state which is not only vast and expansive, but one... - January 26, 2017

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