The Jemima’s Playhouse Experience Takes Off

Dallas, TX, January 05, 2019 --( Like many successful companies which found themselves operating in a dynamic and changing environment, Jemima’s Playhouse, the quirky educational and entertainment company based in Atlanta, Georgia, saw the needs of its customers changing - and adapted. Thus, the advent of the Jemima Playhouse Experience.

Jemima’s Playhouse makes weekly visits to over 20,000 students per week in classrooms across Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Texas. Most of these are schools to which Jemima Playhouse makes weekly visits. This has been its format for the past six years.

Now, new schools have begun to reach out to Jemima’s Playhouse. They have been seeking a tailor-made Jemima’s Playhouse Experience created just for them. And Jemima’s Playhouse has complied. This has led to a revolution in the Jemima’s Playhouse model. This has led to new terrain. This led to welcome change. This has led to growth. And this has led to a breath of fresh air in Jemima’s Playhouse business model.

“Requests continue to come in,” stated Ms. Jemima of Jemima’s Playhouse, “for bi-weekly and bi-monthly Jemima’s Playhouse Experiences replete with characters and songs. We have been able to adjust and to respond quickly.”

So, what started out as an experiment has become much, much more: the Jemima’s Playhouse Experience has been fully incorporated into the Jemima’s Playhouse menu of customer service offerings. On-demand “Jemima’s Playhouse Experiences” now operate side-by-side with regular Jemima’s Playhouse daily and weekly school visits. This means that a growing number of students are making their personal acquaintance with Señor Burro©, the Jemima’s Playhouse donkey from Mexico, Madame Belle©, the cow from France, and BahamaMan©, the Jemima’s Playhouse superhero from The Bahamas who teaches social responsibility; and they are singing old Jemima Playhouse standards, like “Cool Donkey” and “Mis Colores.” And it is delightful.

Jemima’s Playhouse® started out as a vision “cooked up” in the kitchen of Tyrone and Jemima Sawyer’s home in Atlanta six years ago. Their goal was to reach out to as many young students as possible and to show them an exciting new way to learn. Back then, they established a theme, “Meet Your Imagination!” And it continues to be the theme and driving force of Jemima’s Playhouse even today. Jemima’s Playhouse boasts a very attractive, cutting edge curriculum and a vast catalogue of proprietary songs which it uses to entertain the children while educating them.

By all appearances, the Jemima Playhouse Experience is here to stay. And there is growing evidence of its popularity.

“We are so delighted to have the Jemima Playhouse Experience come to our school twelve times a year,” said Ms. Stefania Balan of Miracle Children Academy in Coppell, Texas. “This has brought a fresh, new and exciting perspective to our educational curriculum.”

“Jemima’s Playhouse will continue to challenge our students to “Meet Your Imagination!” enthused Ms. Jemima, “and we know that despite great progress, there is still much work to be done.”
Jemima's Playhouse
Jemima Sawyer