Jemima’s Playhouse Expands Into Texas

Atlanta, GA, January 26, 2017 --( Come June, 2017, Jemima’s Playhouse will spread its young and vibrant wings into Dallas, Texas.

And what an occasion it will be! A young, growing educational company distinguished by its exciting, new teaching methods; entering Texas, a state which is not only vast and expansive, but one with a great sense of self, and an equally great sense of purpose.

“Our initial outreach into Dallas and Houston have been met with a warm welcoming embrace,” enthused Tyrone Sawyer II, Co-Owner (along with his wife, Jemima) of Jemima’s Playhouse.

Both Tyrone and Jemima are people of faith. “We are very thankful to God for the strong positive response from teachers, students and parents to the Jemima’s Playhouse 'cultural enrichment' teaching method.”

They remember when Jemima’s Playhouse was but a speck in their imagination. In 2012, they launched Jemima’s Playhouse in Atlanta; and very quickly the positive results started to unfold - in Georgia, initially, followed by Kansas and Missouri, and more recently in Nebraska. This level of success could be traced to a passion for excellence on the part of Jemima’s Playhouse. It could also be traced to a well-conceived, purpose-driven curriculum.

Already in its short existence, Jemima’s Playhouse shares with its students a vast catalogue of proprietary songs. And Jemima’s Playhouse is known far and wide for its stable of proprietary characters. It all started with the furry, walking, talking donkey from Mexico. His name is Senor Burro®. And he is the Flagship Character of Jemima’s Playhouse. Senor Burro® is so famous that he has a song, "Cool Donkey" made up about him. Students in every classroom served by Jemima’s Playhouse can sing “Cool Donkey.” And on regular intervals, they get to interact with Senor Burro® himself! How cool is that?!

In addition to Senor Burro®, there are several other lovable Jemima’s Playhouse characters just waiting to find their way into the hearts of new students in Texas.

At its barest essence, Jemima’s Playhouse is an educational company. Ms. Tanaya Gifford, Director of Nana’s Little World in Omaha Nebraska said, “The parents of our students are always shocked and amused when they hear their children are able to count in French and identify a musical note.” Jemima’s Playhouse seems to have crossed a very important threshold when the not only entertain students, but educate them at the same time – in a very seamless way.

When asked to elaborate further on its growth plan for Texas, Tyrone Sawyer II replied: “We have received great responses from schools in Texas. But we will limit the amount of schools that we serve at the beginning until we are confident that we could deliver the high quality service level to all schools that we serve on a sustained basis.”
Jemima's Playhouse
Jemima Sawyer