Education Not-for-Profits & For-Profits Combine to Help Independent Tutoring Businesses Survive and Thrive

TPAPT provides continuing education, professional development, and project management to independent tutors, edupreneurs, and test prep professionals. - July 23, 2021

Test Prep & Tutoring Professionals Announces - Training Anytime SAT/ACT Tutor Certification

Test Prep & Tutoring Professionals has Launched an SAT/ACT Tutor Certification Program through its "Training Anytime" LMS. - November 27, 2018

Conference for SAT, ACT; Test Prep Tutors Scheduled

Conference for SAT, ACT; Test Prep Tutors Scheduled

Test Prep Professionals is holding its first industry conference for independent tutors and college counselors. - July 13, 2017

Test Prep & Tutoring Goes Social

Test Prep & Tutoring Professionals, a group dedicated to folks in the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and College Admissions Consulting Industry has launched a Social Community Site. The site will allow folks to build a profile, search jobs, share best practices, create forums, and access a free resource library. - January 06, 2016

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