Conference for SAT, ACT; Test Prep Tutors Scheduled

Test Prep Professionals is holding its first industry conference for independent tutors and college counselors.

Conference for SAT, ACT; Test Prep Tutors Scheduled
Boston, MA, July 13, 2017 --( (Boston) Test Prep Professionals will host its first Tutoring & Admissions Counseling Industry Conference, July 20th and 21st at Boston University.

The conference will focus on marketing one's tutoring business and exploring the synergies between College Admissions Counseling & Private Tutoring. The agenda will include the following sessions:

Tutoring and College Counseling Product Development
Lessons learned from scaling in-home and center based tutoring, to hybrid and remote tutoring.

Trends in Online Programming
Social Media, Best Practices
Data Driven Marketing for Ed Service Firms
Trends in Admissions Counseling & SAT, ACT tutoring
Tutor Recruitment, On-boarding, Retention

Ed Tech Trends & Observations

There will be a free tutor meet up to kick things off on the 20th.

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