Inventor of Scratch-B-Gone Answers Tough Questions About This Amazing New Product

Barry Feinman, the inventor of Scratch-B-Gone and President/founder of Restore It Yourself, Inc. has produced 8 videos in which he answers eight of the top questions people new to Scratch-B-Gone are asking. This product and restoration system has gained near universal acceptance in the Stainless steel appliance, sink and grill industry among manufacturers and distributors and is now being brought directly to consumers.

Carlsbad, CA, June 19, 2008 --( Beginning in his garage, Barry Feinman invented, field-tested and successfully demonstrated a method to repair and restore Stainless steel surfaces damaged by scuffs, scrapes, and scratches, as well as by chemical stains and heat scorching.

Everybody in the industry said 'It can't be done!' when he began to show people what he had come up with. Nevertheless, it could be done, and it is being done everyday, and the industry is taking notice. A few years later, Scratch-B-Gone, the system and the product, are recognized by almost all of the major appliance, sink and grill manufacturers. Some of them have a Scratch-B-Gone kit in all of their service trucks. Others use Scratch-B-Gone in their factories and distribution centers to save minor scrapes and blemishes from costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in waste. Several of them have had Barry and the Restore It Yourself, Inc. team train their Call Center personnel so that they know that their is a solution that they can refer to their customers to when they call in with Stainless steel issues and problems. Additionally, distributors and dealers in the US, Canada, Australia and soon the UK, France, Mexico, Central and South America are offering Scratch-B-Gone through their outlets - and the list keeps growing and growing.

However, even though Scratch-B-Gone is field-tested, proven, amazing, economical and incredibly easy to use, many people are coming across it for the first time and they have legitimate questions. After all, conventional wisdom in the industry is that you can't fix Stainless steel once its scratched, stained or heat scorched. Everybody knows that there is a problem with Stainless steel, but they also assume that there is no answer. So, if someone believes that there is no answer, its not a 'slam-dunk' or 'no-brainer' to accept on face-value the bold claims which Scratch-B-Gone makes. People need more information; they need to be re-educated out of their belief that they are stuck with scratched, stained and discolored Stainless steel and that these problems can be easily and affordably corrected.

So, Barry's team has created a set of eight videos which give people the opportunity to hear if from the inventor himself. The questions Barry addresses include the following:
1. Scratch-B-Gone seems like an amazing product. How did you come up with the idea?
2. What are the common problems people have with Stainless steel that Scratch-B-Gone can handle?
3. What comes in the Scratch-B-Gone Home Owner's kit, and where can people find it?
4. How is Scratch-B-Gone different from other Stainless steel cleaners on the market? How does it actually work?
5. Is this really something that anybody can do? Don't you need to a professional to do this?
6. Will Scratch-B-Gone work on synthetic Stainless steel or clear coatings over Stainless steel or other metals? How can I tell if my appliance has a clear coat or if it is genuine Stainless steel?
7. Some people are afraid to repair or restore their Stainless steel appliance, sink or grill for fear of doing more damage to it. What would you say to someone who was nervous about attempting this?

For more information or to contact Barry with your questions about Stainless steel appliance, sink or grill restoration and repair visit or call 888-889-9876.

Restore It Yourself, Inc.
Ron Ford