Alien Presents a Hopeful Future in New Children’s Book from Author Tarif Youssef-Agha and Erin Go Bragh Publishing

In the new children’s story book, “Alien’s Homework, The Ride is About to Start,” Lalu, a young alien student is given a homework assignment to visit Earth and report back. What he presents is a beautiful world where all of our problems have been fixed and nature is flourishing. - February 15, 2023

Whistleblower Brings Light to Phone Addiction in New Children’s Books

Erin Go Bragh Publishing is proud to present a new collection of children's books written in conjunction by two authors, Tarif Youssef-Agha and Kathleen J. Shields. "A Tale of Seven Phones" is not only entertaining but brings light to a very serious issue that all of our children are facing. Congratulations to these authors for their successes. - October 19, 2020

Correcting “Fowl” Language - BeakSpeak, a New Language Workbook Helps Build Confidence, Accept Differences

Erin Go Bragh Publishing is proud to present BeakSpeak, a new language workbook by author Peggy Marceaux. “This book is perfect for teachers and home-school parents because the enclosed questions and suggested answers really help to get the conversation started. My goal is to enhance critical thinking skills, build confidence and social awareness, and demonstrate how kindness defeats bullying,” Marceaux explained. - April 20, 2019

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