HypeHorizen Streetwear and Clothing Continues Its Exciting Journey in Esports and Gaming Sponsorship

HypeHorizen blends streetwear with gaming, sponsoring esports events on Battlefy.com and Twitch.tv. X.com drives community engagement, transcending fashion into a lifestyle. Join the hype. - March 12, 2024

HypeHorizen Unveils Inspirational Spring 2024 Collection: Merging Positivity and Hip Hop Culture

HypeHorizen, the pioneering streetwear and lifestyle brand, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Spring 2024 collection. Rooted in the ethos of positivity, hype, knowledge, and inclusiveness, each design in this collection tells a compelling story, drawing inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of 90s Hip Hop culture. The company aims to attract influencers and affiliates. - March 08, 2024

HypeHorizen is the Elements of Hype

An announcement of one of the three merch and apparel collections to be launched in March 2023 by HypeHorizen. - March 07, 2023

The HypeHorizen Merch Collections Trio is Hype

HypeHorizen Announces "The Drop": A Trio of Exclusive Collections to Celebrate Its 3rd Birthday. - March 06, 2023

"The Drop" is Starting March 7 for HypeHorizen

HypeHorizen's Leaders Share Their Excitement Ahead of "The Drop" Launch - March 04, 2023

Evolving in 2023, HypeHorizen Esports Makes Changes

HypeHorizen is an online company that works with content creators, influencers, streamers, esports players, and gamers. The company was established in May 2020 and has since undergone several changes to adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape. - February 01, 2023

HypeHorizen Dives Head First Into Apparel

The company is leveraging social media and influencer marketing to sell gamer, esports and streamer-friendly apparel, accessories and swag. - August 17, 2022

Hype Horizen j3ster Challenge

HypeHorizen is beta testing the new j3ster Twitch app from January 5 to January 15. - January 07, 2022

Hype Horizen Esports Partners with Fit Club NY

Hype Horizen Esports Team partners with Fit Club NY to offer holistic sports rehab and strength conditioning to esports teams, gamers and streamers. - December 22, 2021

Hype Horizen Forms First Century: Age of Ashes Esports Team

Esports organization, Hype Horizen, is forming an esports team for the new dragon battle game Century: Age of Ashes - December 02, 2021

Fifine Technology Starts HypeHorizen eSports Sponsorship

HypeHorizen, a fast growing eSports team is sponsored by Fifine Technology. - May 14, 2021

HypeHorizen Esports Team Launches

New competitive esports organization, HypeHorizen, to provide support, mentoring, stream assistance and game training to its roster members has launched. - May 26, 2020

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