Korean Specialist Bamboo Salt Manufacturer, Insan Bamboo Salt Co., Ltd. is Launching Its Products Into the Global Market

By developing Miracle Capsule, an immune health functional food that has significantly improved the efficacy of bamboo salt, the company has squarely in its sights the children's atopic natural food market. Further, the company continues with research and development of health foods with health promotion and anticancer effects such as medicinal soy sauce, sari soy sauce (made from fermented black soybean), and sulfur duck. Bamboo salt is a 100% natural food with no additives. - October 20, 2021

Insan Bamboo Salt Co., Ltd., Korean Traditional Medical Food Company, is Planning to Launch Traditional Medical Food Brand to Enhance Immune System in Vietnam

Korean Traditional Medical Food Company, Insan Bamboo Salt is planning to launch Traditional Medical Food Brand in Vietnam - July 15, 2020

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