Insan Bamboo Salt Co., Ltd., Korean Traditional Medical Food Company, is Planning to Launch Traditional Medical Food Brand to Enhance Immune System in Vietnam

Korean Traditional Medical Food Company, Insan Bamboo Salt is planning to launch Traditional Medical Food Brand in Vietnam

Hamyang-gun, Korea, South, July 15, 2020 --( Established by Dr. Choi Eun-a, who is the third daughter-in-law of Dr. Kim Il-hoon, who is the inventor of bamboo salt and has developed hundreds of methods in manufacturing bio-medical products and healthy food, Insan Bamboo Salt Co., Ltd. is well-known for making natural food using Korean traditional ingredients.

Purple bamboo salt contains bamboo tree, pine tree and yellow ceramic powder which are kinds of oriental medicine, as well as cooper, which is an ingredient in many health supplements. People enjoy purple bamboo salt as a traditional medical food because it helps strengthen the immune system and functions as an anti-inflammatory and prevents arthritis, cancer and lifestyle diseases. (Anti Cancer - Enhancing Immunity - Scientific research and international patents that prove effects of anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritis, and treatment of eczema have been issued. (Bamboo Salts Have Antioxidant Activity and Inhibit ROS Formation in Human Astrocyte U373MG Cells, Cancer Prevention Research, Ae-Son Om and Jong-Hee Jeong)

Immune Genius, a main product of Insan Bamboo Salt, a combination of purple bamboo salt and cooper, has been used as a medical supplement and is expected to enhance the immune system against viruses.
( Immunity)

“In the race to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, Insan Bamboo Salt is looking forward to contributing to boost immune system with the launch of our brand in Vietnam. We assert that ‘Korean Natural is the New Global,’” CEO of Insan Bamboo Salt said.
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