Author Sylvia Huffnagle Has Published a Book of Inspirational Short Stories

The title is Yea, Though I Walk … and it is a collection of all her short fiction stories. Part one: 7 Christian lessons learned by teens Part two: 5 Stories about challenges that Christians face. Pet three: 3 Christian Testimonies and 1 parable. Part four: 5 Contemporary rescue... - August 03, 2011

Announcing a New Non-Fiction Work: Transformed, 121 Biblical Articles, by Sylvia Huffnagle

The articles in this book are not written from the pastor’s point of view, nor the comforter’s point of view, but they are written from the exhorter of prophet’s point of view. You will not find them to be repeats of former article that you have read. Nor will you feel that they mimic the average sermon you may have heard. Their purpose is to maginfy and clarify the teachings of the Bible. - September 11, 2009

New Inspirational Romance Novel: A Time and A Season by Sylvia Huffnagle

Sylvia Huffnagle is announcing the publication of her 4th Inspirational romance, A Time and A Season. - May 08, 2008

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