Announcing a New Non-Fiction Work: Transformed, 121 Biblical Articles, by Sylvia Huffnagle

The articles in this book are not written from the pastor’s point of view, nor the comforter’s point of view, but they are written from the exhorter of prophet’s point of view. You will not find them to be repeats of former article that you have read. Nor will you feel that they mimic the average sermon you may have heard. Their purpose is to maginfy and clarify the teachings of the Bible.

Lewistown, PA, September 11, 2009 --( Sylvia published these article because she believes she was inspired by God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, to write them and try to get the word out there.

Her desire is to magnify and clarify the teachings of the Bible because she believes that there is a tremendous need for it.

She is confident that the reader will find the articles in this new book : "Transformed, 121 Articles" to be unique as they are written not from the pastor's point of view, not from the Sunday school teacher's study guide, but they are straight from the Bible to the prophet's heart and then to the article. The motivation is not to comfort, but to shout it from the housetops--shout what? To go tell it on the mountain--in this case to tell them what God has said, how serious it is, and how it works.

This is Sylvia's sixth published book--one other non-fiction book: "Bible Living Quiz Book" 964 multiple choice questions and answers, and four Inspirational Romances: "In the Palm of His Hand," "The Gift of Love," "Choose Life," and "A Time and A Season."

Her books can be found at,, and other online stores.

Author and self-publisher, Sylvia Huffnagle
Sylvia Huffnagle
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